• Jingle bells, where are the jingle bells ? Something is amiss this Christmas Day.

    The tree is filled with bats and stockings replaced by witches hats.

    The presents have all taken a rather grisley theme.

    A Headless Hank for Harry and a Creepy Susie for little Lucy.

    Has Santa lost his mind! Perhaps, but wait what's this I see !?

    A shadow lurks outside it cackles so merrily. No slay, no red suit, this is not

    over beloved Christmas figure. This could only be the work of someone truly

    sinister! Wrapped in black and tatterd rags he's come to steal this holiday.

    His calling card a pumpkin rotted and decayed. A pumpkin ! Of course it's so

    clear now the fiend behind this charade. It could only be Jack! He's found the

    spirit of this joyful holiday. He's trying to spread some Christmas cheer.

    But mabey he should stick to spreading fear.

    Have a very scar.... er Merry Christmas!!