• The valiant knights lock eyes,
    They communicate to each other silent concerns.
    The pawns all wear solemn looks,
    Knowledge of their position gives them no hope.
    The bishops fidget nervously;
    Kneeling to pray for lost hopes.
    Chariots on the sides are lined with arches,
    Their bows are dawn and arrows knocked.
    The king is hidden among the knights,
    The queen sits beside him,
    Both their faces are stone, like their hearts.

    A knight gives the signal;
    The pawns charge.
    The battle has begun.

    Bishops rush to heal the fallen;
    They make it halfway before they’re stuck down.
    Knights have surrounded the king and the queen,
    They are the king’s sword;
    They are the king’s shield.

    A knight is shot down,
    The king is left vulnerable.
    Enemies take the queen;
    she is pulled away screaming.
    Knights make plans to regroup,
    but they fail to work.

    The king is left exposed.