• Ann's Blue Rose


    In a passing moment with a glance
    I saw a figure of a man in a trance
    A painful look in his beautiful eyes
    Burned my heart with his silent cry

    Fear covered my heart as he reached out
    A blue rose in hand and tossed it to the sand
    In the wind he whispered “Goodbye my Ann,
    Journey to tomorrow to the Blue Rose Land.”

    “Tomorrow there’s you right?” I ask
    Hopefully thinking I’ll hold you at last
    You smile with those sad eyes and sigh
    “I wish I can but I can’t, I lied but I tried”

    “Take this blue rose, my Ann
    I’ll wait for you in the Blue Rose Land
    In there you’ll see me standing in a trance
    With Blue Roses in my hands”

    I woke and cried, till the morning shined.
    No time to glide and enjoy the sight
    But the doorbell rang and there he stand
    The man who’ll bring me to the Blue Rose Land