• What about santa mommy
    Does santa get a present
    After all this time he has to make sure who is naughty and nice
    What about santa mommy
    Does santa get a present
    Santa has to ride all night before the sun comes up
    Santa has to give presents to evryone who is a good boy or girl this year
    What about santa daddy
    Does santa get a present
    Santa been a good boy this year
    He tells boys and girls to be good
    He tells people who are bad to be good next year and leaves a warning
    What about santa sissy
    Does santa get a present
    He gives you what you want
    So give him what he wants
    What about santa big brother
    Does santa get a present
    He got you a motor-cycle
    So give him a nice cool present that he would like
    What about santa little brother
    Wait you can't help me
    Wait finally I have it

    Dear santa,

    This year my present to you is a tall glass of milk and lots of my favorite choclate chip cookies. I hope you like them like I like them. Here is some carrots for your raindeers. Here is my favorite warm jackot that is red. Please take good care of it and please take it this year is my year to give a present to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    The girl on the good list

    There I take all of this to my room
    I place it on my windowciel
    Open my window
    I smell the cookies as I jump into bed yum!
    I jump out no ones looking eat one cookie
    Brush my teeth and hair say my prays
    And go to bed
    In the morning I notice everything is gone
    But the plate that the cookies were on
    The glass that the milk was in
    And a note under the plate
    But before I read the note I looked out my window
    I didn't see the jackot so I knew that he took it
    I read the note

    Dear girl on my good list,

    Thanks you so much for the cookies milk and sweater I wore it on my way it got kind of cold!!BBRRRR!! The sweater was small but I am grateful that finally someone though of me like you did!! thanks you so much and this year you will find more presents under the tree!! I I will spread this young grateful girl all over the world! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!!

    Santa Claus

    I went down stairs
    To find way more presents then last year
    But I was grateful
    But more grateful
    That this year
    Santa did get a present!
    I wonder what I will give santa next year!