• Falling as the snow
    Thou falls
    Yet just like snow
    Thou shines
    Beautiful and Delicate
    I want the to be mine

    Fragile is thy heart
    I see
    Melting in the sun
    Please won't thou let me
    Be thy shade, thy only one

    Yet I fear
    I may be to cold
    Even for thy snow
    To open up
    My wind worn heart
    And let thou see the glow

    But if two
    Can become one
    Be ice
    Or snow
    Or slush
    Broken hearts
    Will join
    And solitude
    Will hush

    Snow is not everlasting
    Let us out live it, dear
    Stay strong
    With me
    Not even the sun
    Can weaken us with fear

    We'll show the world
    We'll show the sun
    The battle lost
    The war we won
    And every winter
    When snow falls
    Down from the clouded sky
    We'll remain
    The and I