• This is the season to be jolly, happy, grateful and happy. gifts will be wrapped, items will be brought, food will be cooked and of course most of all songs will be song over the radio. Of course the time to be inside cuddle by the fire, hot cocoa in hand, wrapped in blankets to keep from getting cold, tissues near by for in case of a runny nose. Walking down the streets wishing others happy holidays and handing out Christmas treats. Every year a present is brought. Every year a tree is decorated. Every year that passes these things transpire but do you ever look for what others desire.

    Lately it's been wanting and getting but we lost what the Christmas has been about. It has been about giving. Not high end retailing, not wanting something expensive. It is about the things you can give to others and the thought that goes into each gift. Clothes, shoe or even a pair of socks. Kids may not want them but best to keep them in stock. Stress goes around when items are not found. Kids may cry and even shed a tear. Just please never fear for there is hope..the one thing you should give them is the love this Christmas year. So spread the holiday cheer you learn.

    You never know what wonders you can bring to those who are less fortunate. Get them the easiest gift of some food and shelter if you can spare it. Show them that Christmas and the holiday can bring more then just a family together. It should bring family, friends and even some strangers together even if for a single day to spread the cheer, smiles, laughter and even love to everyone. A gift that keeps on giving and is never ending. Love, Family & Friends and yes even strangers can be included with the simplest gift of giving from the heart. This above all it is true and that is the love you show brightly through and through.