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  • Artist Info: William Saint Claire, born to the Vampire King, his mother died at his birth, leaving him with his father. William also had a twin brother Caine, who was cast into the depths of hell as an infant, by his father, not wanting a "weak son," though caine still roams. The tiny William grew fast, his father teaching him the ways of life, the hard way. After years of abuse William, became sick of his father and a great battle broke out. Dracula, Williams father was slain, and william became the BloodLord. His anger contiued to grow as he watched the human race become nothing but petulante greedy slaves. William summoned a massive vampire army and destroyed everything in his path, but, william had been seen to become to powerful by the gods, not having a soul, williams evil had no limit, so they struck him with the curse of a soul, giving him remorse and grief. Years later William walks the earth, Gaia, searching for himself.......<br />
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    If you want to get to know me better, the real me, then you should either message me, or you should read through my jornals. yep! =D<br />
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    Have a nice day!
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