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    Vedui' rivvil dos inbal entered wund natha phreng vel'klar dosst valyrin seldom ph' shinder, consider dosstan fortunate nindel dos sevir xuil siltrin intact. Usstan tlun Klub'kyyd killian jabbuk wun service ulu l' ilharess Naima. Tlu warned nindel dos zhal k'lararl nau felah lest dosst waess tlu stripped dal dosst veldri lu' dosst siltrin placed wund l' belly d' udossta rothen. Usstan orn tesso dos nindol er'griff h'uena, sevir nin xor zah'har l' consequences. Evagna uns'aa Lloth nindol dhyn zhaun naut vel'bol Usstan telanth...My tale is my own yet a sample I shall share if you will but leave this place soon, for danger lurks neigh. I am Klub'kyyd the closest translation to your unmusical tongue would be Klubkyd I am the Sword Master of the House of Car'Al'Rol under the service of the great Mistress Naima (may Lloth bless her and hold her high) and you interloper are in great danger so long as you remain in the Underdark. Indeed, so long as you tarry, I to share your peril. yet I have not had a chance to speak with one of your kind so I will continue. I am soon to depart Underdark for you realm where I shall live among you and learn of your ways. <br />
    <br />
    To expedite the demise of your foul race, I have chosen to study the inner-workings of what your people claim is your mind. This craft called Psychology will aid the youth of Underdark when I return (if Lloth wills). To aid in my deception I have learned and am studying more of this tongue, English. I have chosen while living in this realm to purport myself as an "artist", therefore I have begun to craft a collection of writings, mostly in the arenas of poetry and short story. <br />
    <br />
    We Drow know much of your inner workings already, your voices have reached our ears, the Priestesses have requested that those who are complaining be silenced. Many of you shall therefore be converted to Driders. Those who have rejected the teachings of Lloth, and turned they're backs upon the masses will join the ranks of the slaves, many will be pulled from there lofty perches into the depths of the pits. These potentials drawn from the higher realms for failing to remedy glitches and errors will most assuredly serve Lloth in a new manner soon enough. Their screams will be musical I am sure. <br />
    <br />
    Be Silent one of my kind approaches, your time here in Underdark has run it's course leave now and I shall spare your life, stay and you will become a Drider or slave, lest I choose to run my blade through your heart.
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