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  • Artist Info: Hi. My name is Dom and im 14. Im kinda complicated, so not a lot of people get me. <br />
    i luv most (sometimes all) things pokemon, zelda, mario, kingdom hearts, scribblenuats, drawn to life, yugioh, spongebob, most final fantasy games, naruto, castlevania, harvest moon, happy bunny, DBZ (I hope you know wat that stands for...) cooking mama, hamtaro, annoying orange, and hello kitty! <br />
    I waste my time playing videogames, finishing my super special awesome powerpoint, writing, going on gaia, drawing, and watching TV and YouTube vids. <br />
    I hate the jonas brothers, hanna montana, milet cyrus and high school musical, and i really dont understand what all the hype is about. i waste my time listening to lots and lots of different music, too. Cupcakes, chocolate, cream puffs (O.o I WANT CREAM PUUUUUUUFFFFF!!!) and lots of sugary foods are my weakness. I like all my besties, and i couldnt live without any of them! <br />
    Im a bit...violent...so stay off my bad side...just a fair warning. Im easy to hold grudges, and i rarely let them go. I absolutely LOVE the SDPlus dolls, and want to collect them, but i dont have that kind of money. I plan to buy everything on my wishlist one day, but i just keeps growing.<br />
    I love the Dragon Ball Z abriged series (on goodanime.net!!) and the Annoying Orange. I am anticipating the arrival of Pokemon Black and White version, as I am getting both. For some reason I'm obssessed with toast.....idk..... <br />
    Thank you!!<br />
    <br />
    P.S. Please help me with my dream avi!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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