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    Name: Samantha Rose<br />
    Age: 23 (Feb 3, 1986)<br />
    Why am i on gaia: I enjoy the art!<br />
    Home State: Ohio<br />
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    My name is Samantha, I have another account which is Sammy Pooh, I have been on Gaia for a UBER UBER Long time, since i was like 14,15. Why am i attracted to it? I love the art concept! And i also like to be giving. However i am not on 24.7, However don't let that bother you! i love to make friends. I also am a "Free Lance Photographer" Which in my eyes is saying: I'm somebody who enjoys doing photography, I am currently an English Major/History Miner at Youngstown State. I also at times love to draw anime! I was named the top artist of my senior class, ^^ I used to live in california, but after splitting a hard breakup from my ex-boyfriend/fiance person i came back home. hmmm..what else about me. I love Rock music, I am drawn to classic rock, I love anime, andddd I love harry potter ^_^ Feel free to comment and check out my gallery! <br />
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    Check out My Gallery<br />
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    ~* Fan Art Loved~*
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