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  • Artist Info: -edit- August ,2013- Please ignore the weird description below,It was from 2008-2009 but I will keep it here since it still brings back memories.I don't go here anymore ,but I do draw, you can go to PinkPolice on Deviantart :')<br />
    <br />
    Hay Yall my name's Joyce Im from New York & LOVE Japanese songs,music,and anime(no im not japanese looking) i dont really like people on my friends list that just take up space-.-.. pm/comment me..if not dont be surprised if your not on mah list anymore.Im 13 .First of all if im too young for you not my fault.It just means that you die first ^_^ I love my Neko-chan ,named Crazy adorable lil Tabby.<br />
    But no way ill forget my other cat (they were twins)Lazy.I can get a little annoying at times i realize that myself.Im that kind of girl that would Push a door that says Pull.<br />
    Im not that bad this whole world has a lot of screwed people.I dont really donate depending on the person.Dont be shy add meh^^<br />
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