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  • Artist Info: Name: Taylor<br />
    Birthday: 27/9<br />
    Birth place: QLD<br />
    Home now: W.A<br />
    Status: Single with a major crush.<br />
    Fav colour: Black<br />
    Fav food: ice cream<br />
    Fav memory: Me and Luke<br />
    Fav Movie: Ummmm transporter and bring it on.<br />
    Fav singer: Quite a few<br />
    Fav actor: Dont have one<br />
    Fav actress: Jennifer lovehewwit and Angelia jolie.<br />
    Eye colour: Blue but they change.<br />
    In love: Yes<br />
    Mad at someone: Maybe<br />
    Fav season: Summer and spring<br />
    Peircings: None<br />
    Tattoos: None but I want one<br />
    Dream car: Ummm convertable, Wrangler, Dirt Bike.<br />
    Bestest friend in the world: Haha no1 on gaia. no offence peeps.<br />
    Il you all.<br />
    Read: Yes<br />
    Crafts: No<br />
    Yoga: Somtimes<br />
    Hobbies: Singing , shopping, annoying my bro, baking, hanging out<br />
    Street name: Lookout Vista<br />
    Beach or lake: Beach<br />
    Counrty or city: Somewhere in between<br />
    Do youh Drink: Maybe<br />
    Smoke: No<br />
    Dream job: Super model.<br />
    Fav person to talk to on phone: myself or undecided.<br />
    Fav store: Supre or shoe stores<br />
    Like your pic being taken: No hate it<br />
    How many exs: Alot<br />
    Pain or no gain: Pain <br />
    Coke or pepsi: Coke<br />
    Car or boats: Car<br />
    Yahoo or Google: Google<br />
    Yoga or pilates: Yoga<br />
    Hot or beautiful: Beautfiul<br />
    Choc or vinilla: Choc<br />
    First crush: Cant remember<br />
    If youh could punch oner person: Jess, sean or allen<br />
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