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  • Artist Info: Heh, Justin ish name<br />
    RYHME RAP and randomnezz ish teh game,<br />
    don't know my language don't speak it<br />
    breakin it down with a little bit,<br />
    <br />
    Im fifteen, Product of popular have you seen me, ya that crazy bruh fell out the tree if anywhere, its a .. world where all you know makes no sence and since the day that i started in this, that came bliss everytime i open my mouth cause it's a .. rarety at best, with all the stress you'd think id give it a rest but i just.. keep rippin it as it comes to my head till i drop dead is when ill stop smokin you and chokin you with these words that got ahold of you, and you know its true im too hella beast for you. Now open your mouth and try to deny and lie that my legend with soon die and ill get my.. ultimate downfall, so to you all stay real, with this gold it can kill.. mine it and study it, hone it and deploy it, but you know you'll never come straight to the real sh*t.<br />
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