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  • Artist Info: I like all the shades of the bright colors... i like to go on the computer and do what ever, i like watching anime (the good kind) i like to trace pictures.. and play video games. i also like star sign's and constellation's! plus i like animal's.<br />
    cat_blaugh <-- cat's are cute!<br />
    yum_puddi <---- i'm not Asian so i have no idea what type of food that is... ._.;<br />
    emotion_kirakira <----- i am too cute for my own good! blaugh <br />
    gaia_diamond <--- i am a lover of gem's!<br />
    gaia_kittenstar <---- i have this little fella in my house... that keep's getting messed up! stressed <br />
    gaia_star <---- Star's are very pretty!<br />
    gaia_spoons <---- i like spoon's!.... Sporks pwn that though! whee <br />
    gaia_angelright <---- i love wing's!<br />
    gaia_crown <---- boo yeah i own that crown!<br />
    gaia_gaiagold <--- gold, gold, old.. we all love gold!.. i said old didn't i?.. rofl <br />
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