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  • Artist Info: In Gaia<br />
    I am a Hunter of the things that go bump in the night. I look where humans will not look and go where they will not go. I have been given this task by a Goddess. She also gave me the gift of Foresight so that I may fight the foces of Darkness. Dose anyone wish to join me on my quest?<br />
    In Real Life<br />
    I am a normal collage student. I am studying to be a Vet Tech. Thought my dream is to become an Herbalistics Vet. Thought I am a Fourten reader meaning I can read the future with almost anythig. I can see spirits. Manly there are 8 spirits who help me see the future. Oh and also my only two BF's have been supernatural. My exBF is a Kitsune and my BF is a Were-Wolf. But besides all that I am a nice person and a loyal friend.<br />
    BTW I am an 90% student.
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