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  • Artist Info: hey wass up welcome to my profile ~! my name is madison, i live in Ca in San Diego i live with my parents, there cool trust mee ummm......my likes are ........1.love cheerleading 2. shopping 3.haters 4.am an animal lover 5. love social networks.<br />
    my dislikes ...1. shit talkers 2. fake people 3. hate onions 4. tomatoes 5.hate the dirty ness ~!if u want to go more personal ask me ~! don't be afraid i don't bit haha lol maybe ~! biggrin I had a German shepherd but died sad now I got a yorkie smile she's five months old music is my life smile the music on my profile is not updated sorry lol smile love the mall smile I sell Avon if anyone is interested smile ummm what els smile . ... My dream is to go to collage smile am not a stupid ass who will stay home and be lazy and live of my parents smile or work at a taco shop or something smile am going to be someone in life and have all the luxuries I deserve and I'll take care of my family smile only if god agrees smile no am not emo or goth that's nasty sorry smile umm am not girly either am normal I guess ,am not boyish smile I love kids smile love to feed the homeless, I love to give things smile now u mess with any of my family I'll do my best to screw u up smile
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