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  • Artist Info: BANANA!!!<br />
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    I'm FUCKING CRAZY!!! Ask anyone they will tell. I love KNIFES I don't know why I just do loved them as long as I can remember. I like house pets more than I like Tacos and i really like tacos. I'm sure that my tougher and stronger than all you! Don't ask me why I just am! The big question is what dose that say about me?? Ill tell you what it says it says I'M GOD DAMN CRAZY, I'M PSYCHO, I'M OFF THE DEEP END, ILL STAB YOU YOU FOR NO GOOD REASON, I WILL EAT YOUR FACE AND YOUR FINGERS... But I love you you all!!!<br />
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    I DO NOT DONATE TO ANYONE THAT ASKS OR BEGS!!! You might ask how is it that I donate? well the answer is simple I would be in a good mood and have a lot of gold in my pocket then i might talk to someone that I think needs a better avi and boom i ask them if they want some item or something then buy it for then or give them gold. But I NEVER DONATE TO PEOPLE WHO ASK not any more!!!!!
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