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  • Artist Info: Hi, my name is Jonathan. My favorite animal is a turtle... and bear. The color I have grown to like is purple... and red. I am a mexican that resembles a white/asian guy, nothing wrong with that just know I'M MEXICAN!! I first started gaia when I saw my playing on it. I thought it looked cool so of course I joined and here I am.... Typing this thing.<br />
    When I first started I liked the fact that you didn't have to wear shoes. I didn't wear shoes for 2 year just because I could. The mask I wear is something I've worn sinse my noob days. Why, you may ask? 'Cuz I like to be mysterious... WooOOooOO mystery.<br />
    Through out my gaia life I have only met 3 very interesting people.<br />
    <br />
    Hiccubz- If I remember correctly we met when I was random commenting people. She had a momo (monkey) and at the time I was freaking all about monkeys. She was Attack_of_the_Hiccups. Later on we became very close friends and had amazing adventures together. Being the man I was I gave her the name Hiccubz. <br />
    She always put a me smile when I was down, and I hope I did the same for her. I remembered when she got her driver's license and the last thing she told me was that she had an car accident. I was worried but glad she well enough to tell me what happened. She wasn't on for a few month, making me worried and somewhat alone, she was a older sister figure to me. But because I'm a half-full rather then half-empty kind of guy, I never gave up hope that she would come back and thank the lord she did.<br />
    To sum it up, Hiccubz is the most nicest, funniest, interesting, hyper, amazingly good friend that will always be there. She will always listen and help with your problems. <br />
    <br />
    Doremi Tangerine- I don't remember how we met at all. I'm glad we did because I really enjoy talking to you. You are probably the most peculiar person I've met on gaia (did that make sense? when I read it back it doesn't seem like other people will get that... Balls to it), that I enjoy talking to. So far you hold the 1st place trophy of the most comments on my profiles. You always have very interesting responses to my comments, videos, and pictures (sorry for all the throwing up pictures). The main reason we are friends is because we both have interesting things to say, rether it's about what she is doing in school, the things she is doing, little things, big things, putting a banana in my ear, or just me lecturing her over the most smallest things in life that no one really stops to look at and think about, explaing it in my didactic way (she said that last part).<br />
    Can you believe that was a paragraph? It was, look for yourself! That was a out of subject, I just wanted to make sure you noticed is all... ANYWAYS! Talking to her is like talking to... to a.... I don't know how to explain it but just trust me, very interesting, very big words she uses. It's fun though. She always had some amazing avatar when I went to comment back, I'm all out of ideas for myself.<br />
    To sum it up, if you want to talk to someone interesting I would perscribe Doremi Tangerine... I never gave her a nickname... Should work on that later<br />
    <br />
    Well now to say stuff about me. I know I did already at the beginning but I just remembered some stuff and I don't wanna go back at the top and edit some things... to much work. ANYWAYS!! My name is Jonathan, I'm mexican, favorite colors are red and purple (not in that order), favorite animals are turtles and bears (in that order), favorite foods are Chicken, potatoes, and eggs, my favorite word is "Flabbergasted", my made up word is "NARGAFLARG" (no meaning), I've had the mochi (dog) on my head for so long, my nick name is Jonos, my favorite band is Gym Class Heroes, my favorite colors are purple and red, I like all music but metal, and my favorite games are TF2, L4D2, Black ops, and other games I can't think of right now.<br />
    <br />
    That's about it. All typed up. My fingers are cold, need mittens... did anyone noticed I put "purple and red" again...? Guess not... You might not be wondering where the third person is. The one I said I met THREE interesting people... I didn't put her up there because I didn't feel like including her... not that I didn't like her or anything just didn't really did want to share anyting about her... Fluffy butt.<br />
    <br />
    Anyway, I think I'm done, peace off<br />
    <3 Jonos
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