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    • Dagger (Vampires!!) by shine1213
    • This is the begginning to the story that I'm posting on The N. If you read this and want to know the rest, the link(well, you cany copy and paste it into you're browser) is at the bottom. It get's really dramatic further into t...
    • Claire II - B.E.A.S.T. by Hildechan
    • The second chapter to my story, Claire. Please tell me what you think. ^_^ Note on Mrs. Kennie's name: I seem to have an extremely hard time spelling her name correctly. If you find a misspelling, let me know so I can corr...
    • Hillcrest Valley by Luft
    • This is a story I started when I was fourteen. Four years later and all I've done is minor editing. I really should finish it. Tell me in the comments if you want me to post the other chapters. Enjoy.
    • Spreading Darkness by Hugh the Assassin
    • A Midnighters fafnic that I've been working on. Midnighters, and all characters from the original trilogy, belong to Scott Westerfeld. Oh, and it might help if you're read Midnighters... But I don't think you need to have. A...
    • I Have Seen the Dreamers Die by Luxraen Fury
    • Cross-posted from my fictionpress account (Fury-TheWorldSetBlaze, due to a typo I made XP). A bit of a fictional essay. It's somewhere between prose and poetry. Don't hesitate to point out any spelling or grammatical errors,...
    • Lies, Love, and Pain by passion56321
    • This about two boys in high school who find themselves in each others arms, only problem is Damian, the popular jock-type person has a girlfriend, and Robby, the quiet loving person, have to keep their realtionship on the down ...
    • What if? by nomvegannom
    • This is a (really) short story about a young man who has entered the was and is questioning why he went there. Enjoy! None of the people in this story are real. this story is NOT REAL! Its just something that popped into my m...
    • The Trapped Princess by Mekno Emo
    • This story is not finished. I am summiting what i have to see if i am any good. This is my latest peice about a japanese princess and her life. This is not real, so my info may be off and i am sorry for that. Enjoy! plz pm me y...
    • Dirty Little Secret by -1-Ria-6-
    • Name: Lola Lovestruck, Mood: Pathetic/Scared Dear Diary, When you're something different you don't want anyone to know right? Well, this is my secret...I'm a daylight vampire...and if this diary got into the wrong hands both,...
    • Knights Of Cydonia by Unsliced Bread
    • This is a story in which i have used the lyrics of Knights Of Cydonia as speech said by the characters in the story. I also based the story on the beat and rythem of the song. I Hope U Like It! ***Red Letters : Lyrics***
    • Lost by Preathea
    • This story was originally written as an assignment for English, but as I wrote it, I kinda grew attached... ^^ Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
    • Moonlit Mess by digalittledeeper
    • This is a story that I wrote in my spare time and I even based a roleplay off of it. You kind of get the summary through the story and even if it only is a prologue I hope that it is well liked.
    • The Untold Journey Book 1,Ch 1 by Vext Hita_Fallen Angel
    • The first chapter in a book I've been trying to write since my 5th grade year, sixe years ago. I think I may have a final work down, you tell me what you think. If you like what you see, you can visit my site @ http://untoldjo...
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