• Nervous.

    The feeling you get when you're alone and you have to glance around to make sure that's true -- you could swear, from feelings far from physical, that you're being watched, but no eyes that can be seen themselves are noticed.

    You feel like perhaps you hear whispering, though none is there. Your mind imagines all these wonderfully unwanted images for you of eyes and bodies -- inhuman -- in the shadows. You imagine them very close to you, almost touching you with shadowy tendrils that resemble deformed limbs. Everything seems so very dark around your monitor, darker than usual in constrast to the light. Seeing nothing makes you more paranoid because you know -- you feel that they are there.

    But they who?

    You wonder if this is logical. Perhaps this is how you interpret those that are watching you from Another Plane. Perhaps it's just the fact that you're reading Edgar Allan Poe alone, in the dark, with music loud enough to drown out any important sounds that one would make when sneaking upon you for an attack.