• Sugiya fell to his knees. His tears ran down his face, making his eyeliner mess up, looking like bloody tears (he wore read eyeliner. It just never shows.) K and I looked at him as Mana held the dagger over his head. Sure Mana had anger problems, but oh well. I can't stand seeing this... I never want to see this! It's painful! Horrid! I felt tears fall from me too, and i looked at Sugiya in sorrow, and i cried heavier and soon, everyone in the crowd was looking at me. "Mana! No!" Mana looked at me. I just sighed and took one huge breath and knew this was already a bad idea, but I had to save Sugiya. All there was in this little circle of the crowd was the tears of love, our pale, bloody tears...

    But there is no way I’m starting THAT soon! I'm not like that! So I guess I should begin a few hours before all this.

    Sugiya wandered in the small blue room. There was no sense of him being there, he was just bored, bored and lonely. I saw him walk in and began to ponder. "Sugi-San." I called. Sugiya turned. "Heyy thrr Haya!" I looked in confusion. "Yeah," I replied. "Sure. So where's Mana and K? I need to talk to them about the next concert. That is too soon." "It's only a few hours away!" Sugiya replied. "Why does it have to be later!?" "Sorry Sugiya. It's kind of a big deal. My mom wants me to find a girlfriend, but I think I might be..." Then K popped in. "Yo." "AGH!" I yelled. "Grim reaper!" K smiled. "Jes." "Hey KK!" Sugiya cheered. "Hey hey!" K replied. "Yes." I happily said. "Yes yes." Mana finally joined. "Hello there everyone. I overheard you with Sugiya, Hayato. What do you think you are?" I froze. "N-Nothing..." I turned in blush. "In denial?" Mana replied. "N-No..." I sighed. "Being in denial gets you nowhere!" K preached. "Remember that!" "I freaking know!" I replied. "I need to go somewhere. I'll be back in a moment." Sugiya looked in sorrow as I headed off. He seemed sad. "What?" Asked K. "Nothing..." Sugiya replied. "Simply nothing..."
    Sugiya turned his head. "I think there's something wrong with him. I mean, well, I think Hayato needs someone." Mana looked. "He's been surrounded in men for years. All male bands..." Mana looked in confusion. "Oh no..." Mana sighed. "Don't tell me he's... He's... Gay!?" "What's wrong with gay people Mana?" Sugiya barked. "Are YOU gay Sugi-San?" K replied. Sugiya froze. "Uhh..." He stuttered. "If I was, And I’m not saying I am, because I'm not... But I’d not tell you!" K shrugged. "I don't see why Mana would have ANYTHING against gays. He dresses like one." Mana froze, walked to K and whapped him across the face. K fell to the ground. "I have nothing against them." Mana turned. "I just plain Hate gays." "Then you have something against them!" Sugiya replied. Mana turned and looked at Sugiya with his pale, evil blue eyes. "If you ever become gay though," He evilly said. "i will murder you." Sugiya froze in fear as Mana turned and walked away.
    He soon came to Hayato's room. "Knock knock..." Mana said, opening the door. "Hey Mana..." Hayato replied, putting down a photo. "What's up?" Mana shrugged. "I'm simply bored. I just wanted to know; we can't cancel the concert, or move it. We already sold out." "I called my mom and told her." Hayato replied. "She said that business is more important than love. I have to agree, but I think I’m in love..."With...?" Mana replied in confusion. "Never mind." Hayato sighed. "Forget I said anything." Mana nodded. "Want to go get something to eat?" Mana replied. "I'll bring everyone else. We can go--" "I haven't seen Seth lately. What happened to him?" Mana shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe he's busy." "Maybe." Mana nodded. "Well," Hayato sighed. "I'll be down in a moment. Go ahead and wait for me there." Mana nodded again and headed out the door. After he was gone, Hayato put away all his photos in sorrow; he sighed, grabbed his coat, and headed out the door.

    We all headed out the door, and I was looking at Sugiya. He was so sad.... I could see. But what about? I watched him hang his head in sorrow. I looked with a sad face, and I finally said it. "What's wrong Sugiya?" Everyone froze and watched us. The bodyguards turned and looked. Oh, yes, we we're on the streets of Tokyo, so we need bodyguards. "Nothing seems wrong with him." K replied. "IS something wrong, Sugi-san?" Sugiya looked. "N-no... Nothing... I just..." We all looked at him. "Never mind." I nodded. "Ok." "Hayato, can I talk to you?" I nodded. 3 of our 7 bodyguards followed to protect us, and we walked by an ally. the bodyguards guarded the ally. People we're surrounding it, trying to hear, but they couldn't.
    "Ok," Sighed Sugiya. "Hayato... I can't hold this any longer. I have a feeling for you. I don't know how to say it, and I’m afraid you'll not want to like me anymore, but... I love you. I love you more than my family, friends, really, i love you more than ANYONE!" I froze, and the audience silenced. "Take me Hayato!" Sugiya sighed, tears now falling off his face. "Take me! I love you, and I can’t feel happy without you! I can't! You make me smile..." I smiled. "Sugiya... I love you too, but Mana doesn't approve of gay marriages!" "Then we can't tell him! Or we'll just have to leave Moi Dix Mois! If I’m with you, I’m complete!" I looked at him in confusion. "Oh, Sugiya!" I cried. "Never leave me!" He cried. "Hold me for eternity!" Sugiya fell into my arms in joy. "I will..." I replied. "I will, my love..."

    Just as they we're... talking... Mana came. He pushed aside the bodyguards and looked. "What?" I asked. "It was a friendly hug..." Mana nodded and left. "Let's go..." Sugiya sighed. "I'm tired." I looked at him. After he was gone, I just looked at him and sighed. "Being gay is awkward..."
    We all followed Mana as we headed to the park. "Its lolita hour," K sighed. "Isn't it?" Mana nodded and walked to an empty park bench. He climbed on it and stood. No one could notice them, until, out of nowhere, our bodyguards set up our instruments. Finally, Mana strummed his guitar. That caught everyone's attention. K grabbed a Microphone and called out: "Hello! It is us...” Then Seth grabbed it and yelled "Moi Dix Mois!" I looked at Sugiya. He looked at me then, he just blushed and turned. I smiled a little behind my drum set and finally, Seth called out, "Dues Ex Machinaa!!!!!" Then, Mana began playing 'Unmoved'. "I mean..." Seth replied. "UNMOVED!!!" K replied the guitar cal, and they did that until Seth sang. "Nothing," He sang. "Can be seen," Then I looked. It had been a few hours since, well, never mind. I sighed and thought about the concert. I guess, I thought, it wasn't a real concert; it was a gig at the park!
    Then, everything happened.

    I couldn't hold it in. I threw my drumsticks on the ground. The rest of the band looked at me. I sighed and stood on my drum stool. "Everyone," I sighed, "I have something I need to tell Mana." Mana put his guitar down as I grabbed A microphone. "Everyone, I am..." Sugiya looked at me. "I..." "Yes?" K asked. Sugiya threw his bass down and ran to me and grabbed the microphone from me. "Hayato and I are in love!" Everyone gasped and Mana froze. I looked at him. "You lied!" Mana yelled. Everyone cheered, but then, everyone was silent again as Mana pulled a dagger. "Sugiya!" He yelled, holding the dagger to Sugiya's head. "No!" Sugiya cried. "Please!" Mana showed no care and stabbed Sugiya's arm. He fell onto his knees. "MANA!!" I yelled. "No!" Mana looked. "Why!?" I cried. "I know you don't approve of gays, but I love him! And i don't want him to get hurt!! If you will kill my love, then you will kill me too I cannot stand seeing my Sugiya dying right before my eyes, and I want to perish with him, not in front of him! I love him enough to kill myself! So please Mana..." Mana froze. What I had said must have touched his heart. But if only he wouldn't have stabbed my Sugiya... Mana looked at me. Then Sugiya. The crowed was silent. No breaths we're taken, until Mana held the dagger over Sugiya's head. Sugiya cried heavily now. "Good bye Hayato..." He sighed. The dagger slowly moved close, until I grabbed Sugiya's bass and ran to Mana. "No!" I yelled, and with that, i smashed Mana with the guitar.

    I knew what I had done was wrong. I watched Mana gently fall to the ground. The pain flew through him as if you we're to directly drink poison. Mana blinked once, seeming that it was a struggle to breathe, and with that, a few simple words came. "I am very sorry Hayato..." He sighed, but only gently, you could tell because his chest was not moving with the small breaths he took. He gently gave a smile. "You must really love Sugiya... It was not correct of me to take him away from you..." We all knelt by Mana, looking down at him. As he was beginning to speak one last time, he lost hold of his breath and stopped. His eyes blinked once more. Then they stopped. Mana was sent to the oblivion... And it was my entire fault.
    We all sat still around Mana, sad enough he was dead. But I noticed now there was no Sugiya. I turned, and sighed, then called. "Where's Sugiya!?" Just then, over by K's microphone, I saw a black figure lying on the ground with a knife stabbed in the head, blood lying all over the ground. My eyes filled with tears. "Sugiya!" I yelled, getting up and running to him. "Oh, I was so caught up in Mana, I didn't realize you..." I looked at him as my pale tears of pain met with his blood, drenching everything around it. "Oh Sugiya!" I cried, grabbing his head and holding it close to me. "Please live!" I cried. "I can not stand to see you dead! Please live!" Just then, I felt a small warm breath upon me. I looked down at Sugiya, and he had his eyes only barely open. I gave a bright smile when I noticed he was alive. "My darling Sugiya!" I happily cried. "Hayato..." Sugiya sighed. "I love you very much, and I don't want to loose you..." "Don't say that!" I yelled back. "You're the one half dead!" "I know..." He said now beginning to cry. "Don't cry Sugiya!" I replied. "When you cry, the angels cry with you, making the heavens sad! Please!" Sugiya looked at me with a sad, bloody, pale face. "I failed you..." He cried. I noticed now everyone was gathered around us rather than Mana. Careless that my fans and my band would see, I gently held Sugiya's head closer to mine and gently I laid my lips upon his, feeling his cold and what seemed dead body. I held him in my arms, and I felt his last breath, and when there was nothing left of him, I let go, and looked at him as the clouds grew above me. My tears became heavy, so heavy that I could not talk straight. As I cried, thunder rumbled and the sky cried with me. "No Sugiya!" I yelled. "Please! Don't go!" I looked at his body, now nothing but a mere heaven's puppet. I looked at him in pain and then to the sky, and with no more hope, I yelled to the angels. "Sugiya!!!"