• Tomi sat at his computer desk, pondering over his current predicament. He had written to his father about “the annoyance,” however, he had not mentioned that Louis was a vampire. He didn’t want Louis to be found out. Despite their quarrels he felt a certain closeness to the vampiric man. Perhaps it was because they were both different; because they both had a curse. Whatever the reason, although he might argue with him, he did not want any real harm to come to the vampire.

    Tomi stretched sleepily. It was late; he was bored and he sort of wished for the company of his nearby neighbor. He looked around his library and picked up a book at random. He heard the soft step of hand-crafted Italian shoes on his marble floors and new that he had a visitor. He ignored him though, despite having wished for his company moments ago. The Frenchman walked closer and peered over the werewolf’s shoulder.

    “Good Evening Monsieur Delacroix,” Tomi said, still engrossed in his book.

    “Good Evening pup,” Louis replied, “Were you lonely?”

    The vampire gave a teasing smile, his hands gently massaging Tomi’s tense shoulder muscles. Tomi tensed even more for a moment, and then relaxed, leaning back.

    “Stay out of my thoughts,” he whispered, his eyes fluttering closed and the book dropping from his hands.

    “That’s a difficult thing to do,” Louis whispered back, “You’re thoughts are very loud.”

    The werewolf blushed and Louis grinned victoriously. The two dog-like ears had popped up from his head, but lay flat as he looked up at Louis. The older man knew that he technically should not be able to hear Tomi’s thoughts so strongly, but he did, and this concerned him somewhat. It was then that the thought struck him. He chuckled softly.

    I drank a bit of his blood… that’s why I can hear him so clearly… still… it was barely a taste… Louis thought. Tomi looked half asleep, but his eyes opened when Louis hands stopped. He looked up at him, his head cocked to one side. The vampire gently stroked Tomi’s soft blond hair and a smile curved his lips.

    “You’re a rather cute puppy,” the vampire whispered, “Perhaps I should keep you.”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” Tomi snapped, “I’m not a pet!”

    “I beg to differ,” Louis said as he scratched behind the werewolf’s ear, “You’re nothing but an adorable puppy.”

    The Frenchman was charming, and the werewolf hated to admit it, but he was falling for him like a love-struck school girl. Louis knew this too, and was using to his advantage. He gently cupped Tomi’s chin, tilting his head up and looking into his eyes; a gentle blush cross the younger male’s face.

    “Monsieur Delacroix…?” Tomi breathed out. Their lips touched. The werewolf’s eyes widened. He pushed against the vampire suddenly, wrenching their bodies apart.

    “I…I…” he stuttered nervously, his blue eyes slightly wide.

    “Oh don’t tell me you didn’t like it mon petit,” Louis said with a laugh. He reached out and gently caressed the warm, soft skin of the adolescent boy, who gave off a soft whimper.

    “You really are very cute,” the vampire breathed out, petting the fuzzy brown ears on the top of the boy’s head, “It’s a shame… you won’t be seeing me anymore.”

    “Wh-What do you mean?” Tomi asked, suddenly shocked. He grabbed onto Louis’ arm.

    “My being around you isn’t good for you mon petit,” Louis said, “So I’m leaving. I can see you falling for me already. It won’t end well for you if you do.”

    “But… I.. I think that I really like you…” Tomi said softly. “You’ve been flirting with me since you met me and now you’re just going to leave??”

    “Maybe I’ll see you around some time pup,” Louis said, ruffling the boy’s hair, “It’s been fun.”

    Tomi’s hair bristled. He looked angrily at the vampire and shouted at him, “That it then is it?? You’re just going to leave me! I hate you!!”

    The vampire hesitated a moment, then left. The werewolf felt his heart tearing. He hadn’t realized how fond he was of having the company of another immortal being until now, when that company was leaving. He sadly went to his room.

    Louis looked back at the manor. He was going to miss the little pup. He was so cute, and although they’d had a rough start, it seemed the little werewolf was warming up to him.

    “It really is a shame that I have to go…” he mumbled, “But being around him won’t be good for him.”

    Tomi’s puppy ears were sticking up and a dog-like tail was sticking out as well. He was heart-broken over a man that not only a few days ago, he couldn’t stand.