• Louis and I were running for our lives, which is pretty slow when you're a skittle. Behind us three Blue skittles were chasing us, also very slowly. All we had to do, I thought, was cross back to the Red skittle border and we'd be safe. Until then we had it pretty bad. The Blue skittles weren't chasing us unarmed..... No they had a huge licorice stalk they were trying to hit us with. "Great," I yelled at Louis. "They plan to kill us with our own technology!" "I'm sorry ok?" he yelled back.

    You see me and Louis, my partner, were just supposed to go on a short recconosance mission to see what the blue skittles were up to nothing special that is until Louis insisted we bring licorice, just in case they saw us. I knew we'd get caught in an instant if we brought those, but Louis persisted. So finally he took one, while I rolled my eyes. When we got there we found out some pretty important stuff. The Blue skittles had food dye. They were planning to disguise themselves as new recruits and then ambush our allies, the Yellow skittles.

    We were just about to sneak off when they spotted us, due to the tall licorice stalk in their territory, when Reds are the only ones that have them. To make a short story shorter we got outta there nice and quick.

    I shook my head. "We'll talk about this later," I yelled. Just when we were about to reach our border, two Blue skittles came out of nowhere and had us trapped. "Nice try Reds," he hissed, "But we can’t let you leave knowing what you know."

    "Great way to start the day," I thought.