• I'm tired of the tears I'm tired of the lies. Life is not much when you spend it crying all the time, just like the song big girls don't cry. I no longer wan tot spend my life crying, even though my dad is gone and my mom hates me. My sister can't stand me, my brother won't go near me it's lonely really lonely kids at school call me the devil of the school, they pick fights with me and call me names and all i do is self defense nothing else. Everyone lies to me like my grandma she says they love me but i say lies. I'm tired of being hated I'm tired of not having anyone to love and to love me back its like a knife stabbing you in the heart. So many wounds is already there in my heart there is no other way to say this I'm lonely. No one cares about the devil of the school everyone can only hate they'll never feel this pain no matter how many times i get punched or kicked it never hurts as much as my heart does so no matter how many times you push me down I'm gonna get up because I don't want to be alone anymore i want friends, a mother that cares, a father that loves me, and someone to love and hold me tight and tell me it's okay I'm not alone anymore but that will never happen. I will walk this earth alone and the devil will be the only one by my side. No one said there are always happy endings not for me. But as I lay in my deep dark abyss I see someone's hand reaching out and the one that will give me my happy ending is here. He said he was looking for me and couldn't find me then he said he noticed me one day walking alone he follow me and he saw tears and followed them and now the tears led him to me. Then he held me in his arms he said the one thing i longed to hear he said I love you. I held him in my arms and started to cry he said it's okay your not alone I'm right here as i sit there the light shined in my eyes I noticed that the one i loved, loved me back and i saw the light the light that what they call love i found it. I guess everyone can have a happy ending as long as you find love and appreciate what you have you can know that no one is ever alone.