• The gate slowly opened and five beautiful girls walked out, "The Chosen Sister"'s as some people called them. Five girls that everyone wished to be, all five are one of the top vampire's in Percion's All Girl Boarding School. I was better than all five of them, but their leader never let me join. I was a pure blood vampire, so I knew I was qualified to join them and I absolutly knew I could kill them. But, I knew if I did kill them that the headmaster would surely kick me out and if he did, I would never be as great of a vampire as my mother was. I was so furious when they rejected me that the thought of killing them was in my mind. I am just as beautiful as they are, if that's the problem... I thought to myself. I have long silky black hair and crystal red eye's, my fangs were always sharp and clean. My skin was as pale as everyone one else, but it was always more healthy and clear. My nails were always clean, cut perfectly, and I wear jet black nail polish like most girls. My lips are shaped like a small plum and I would wear blood rep lipstick. Someone even said my eye's look seductive, beauty shouldn't be the problem... I thought.

    I hate those girls and I'm going to make sure I'm better than them at anything! But, so far me being on top isn't effecting them at all. Today the reason I couldn't join was because I am too anti-social and I'm a "Goth Freak". Just because I believe in dark creatures and dark powers being alowed made me a "Goth Freak"? Those girls are lucky that vampire's hearts are black and it didn't matter if they were ripped out because it wouldn't effect them, only if they're in love that is. But, I knew for a fact those five girls aren't in love. My Blood Rose sword would destroy their heart's easily... damn the black hearts! I yelled in my mind.

    The more I learn, the better chance I had to join "The Darknend One"'s once I completed school. It's a group for dark vampire's that wish to be able to show their dark power. My mother was the Queen of group and it's my destiny to take her place, so that's why I need to be powerful and in the most powerful groups. Most vampire's didn't want "The Darknend One"'s group to go on. Only three vampire's, including myself believed in the group. The other two are my best friends, Janes and Lily Tyuu, they're twins and are exremely powerful, not to mention pure bloods to myself.

    They were also rejected from "The Chosen Sister"'s. The leader of "The Chosen Sister"'s name is Brittany Len and she acts just like a human teenage would. She sneeks out in the morning to mingle in cafe's, resteraunts, and parks. Of course she always come's back at night for classes and no matter how many times she get's caught, she never gets in trouble. Everyone thought the one reason why was because her parent's are one of the wealthiest vampire's in society and they promised to donate money to our school. My parent's donated money to school before they died and I still don't get any special treatments. Janes, Lily, and I knew Brittany was hiding something and we've been dying to figure out what it is.