• Hey new girl, I’m Seifer,” the boy introduced giving his hand, which Naminé took as a signal to shake his hand.

    “Hi…I’m Naminé…” she said shaking his hand, but Naminé had to admit there was something suspicious about this guy.

    Roxas began mumbling a few words and glared at Seifer, who just smirked back. Naminé was confused by this gesture but she left it alone and listened to the rest of lesson.

    The time quickly flied by and the bell rang signaling the students that it was lunch time.

    “Finally! Lunch time!” Selphie jumped for joy.
    “I have to put my books away first. I’ll meet you guys later,” Naminé said hugging her books.

    “Me too,” Roxas stated already waving goodbye.

    “I see…so you want to have some alone time with Naminé while were gone huh?” Selphie teased.

    “WHAT?” Roxas yelled, with his cheeks turning a light shade of pink, “Can’t you see I actually have some books to put away!” he said holding his text books in front of Selphie’s face.

    “Sure…I bet you got your books out on purpose,” Selphie smirked.

    “Anyways,” Kairi laughed, “Meet you two at the cafeteria!” Kairi said walking away with Selphie.

    As Naminé was walking towards her locker she noticed Roxas was following behind.

    “Is your locker near mine too?” she asked sighing as if she already knew the answer.

    “Apparently, yes it is.” Roxas answered in a sarcastic manner. Naminé just glared at him as she put away her belongings.

    When Naminé was finished putting her books away, she noticedSeifer was leaning against a locker beside hers.

    “Hey, Naminé watcha up to?” he asked smirking.

    “Putting my books away…” she answered with a questioning look.

    “So, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me,” he said trying to act all cool and what not.

    Roxas pretended to put his things away as he ease dropped on the conversation and tried to glance every now and then to see the situation.

    “Uhh…sorry but your not my type,” Naminé said walking away.

    “C’mon this Friday,” he begged.

    “Leave her alone!” Roxas interrupted, he couldn't take it anymore.

    “Aww…Roxas likes her too?” Seifer cooed.

    “Eeww…me, like her? My a**!” Roxas stated.

    “Really, or is it that she doesn’t just like you?” Seifer teased.

    “Yeah, I don’t like him,” Naminé stepped up.

    “Haha!” Seifer laughed triumphantly.

    “And I definitely hate you!” she continued pointing at Seifer.

    “Burn!” Roxas laughed.

    “I’ll get you both for this, believe me!” Seifer said darkly as he walked away.

    Roxas and Naminé just walked togetherin silencetowards the cafeteria. Not like awkward silence kind of way, quiet like the when you just happen to go the same way with a stranger. When Naminé walked into the cafeteria, she was amazed. There were so many students, way more that her old school at least.

    “Naminé! Roxas! Over here!” someone yelled. Naminé quickly recognized this at Selphie’s voice. Roxas and Naminé quickly got their horrific cafeteria food, and then walked to their friends’ table.

    “Hey everyone, this is Naminé!” Kairi introduced.

    “I’m Riku,” A long platinum colored hair boy greeted.

    “Hayner,” another boy with light blonde hair like Naminé’s introduced.

    “Nice to meet you, I’m Olette,”a polite girl with brunette hair said.

    “I’m Pence,” a short chubby dark brown haired boy with a camera greeted.

    “I’m Wakka!” a tall boy with orange hair that seemed to defy gravity called out from the back.

    “And I know you already met Tidus, Selphie, Roxas, Kairi and me,” Sora smiled.

    “Wow, that’s a lot of names to remember,” Naminé laughed.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll remember them pretty quick,” Riku assured.

    When Naminé sat down, she notice on the left side of the table was where her new guy friends sat and the girls sat on the right.

    “Hey, do any of you know what’s going on between Roxas and Seifer?” Naminé asked.

    “Oh, so you’ve already seen them two in their cat and dog mode?” Olette asked.

    Naminé nodded, “I guess you could call it that.”

    “Well, they’ve been like since forever,” Selphie laughed, “anyways, what happened between you and you know who in the hallway?”

    “Huh? What?” Olette didn’t know what was happening.

    “Roxas,” Kairi stated plainly.

    “Oooh…something going on between you and Roxas or something?” Olette was now getting curious, “and how did you know Seifer anyway?’

    “I see a love triangle!” Selphie teased while clapping her hands.

    At this point Naminé turned from pink to red, “These people are crazy!” Naminé thought, “Yuck! Why would I like him anyways!” she said a little too loudly. Soon the boys started joining into the conversation.

    “Huh? What? Naminé likes somebody?” Sora said dumbfounded.

    “Yeah, she likes Roxas!” Selphie answered.

    “WHAT!” Roxas and Naminé yelled in unison.

    “Wow! Naminé already found someone on her first day!” Tidus teased.

    “You people are nuts, I tell you!” Naminé’s face was turning redder by the minute.

    “Do, you feel the same way Roxas? I mean Kairi and Selphie told us you two were alone together!” Riku was laughing his head off.

    “W-what?” Roxas’ face was the same color as Naminé’s now.

    “Aww…their such cute couple!” Hayner laughed.

    “You too? So much for a friend!” Roxas yelled.

    Roxas had to get out of this somehow, and then he just happened to blurt it out, “Sora and Kairi are going out!”

    “WHAT!” everybody on their table said in unison, including Sora and Kairi.

    “I’m so sorry Sora! But I had too…either way it’s pay back for what Kairi did to me here!” Roxas thought.

    Now everyone was making fun of the two of them instead of the blondes.

    “Roxas! I’ll kill you!” Sora yelled raising a fist.

    Naminé and Roxas sighed in relief now that the tables had turned.

    “Wow, seriously! I knew you two were going to be together!” Selphie squealed.

    “Roxas was lying! Believe me!” Kairi yelled.

    “You two are like the perfect couple!”Pence laughed.

    “Sora, how come you didn’t tell your best friend of all people?” Riku pouted.

    “I’m not going out with her, if I was then I’d be more proud of it wouldn’t I?” Sora snapped back.

    “So you admitted! You really do like Kairi!” Wakka laughed.

    “Ummm…uhhh…” Sora was lost for words; his pink face was now as red as a cherry.

    “Sora, is this true?” Olette asked.

    “This is gonna be a long day…” Naminé sighed as a faint smile appeared on her face.