• "Sora, how come you didn’t tell your best friend of all people?” Riku pouted.

    “I’m not going out with her, if I was then I’d be more proud of it wouldn’t I?” Sora snapped back.

    “So you admitted! You really do like Kairi!” Wakka laughed.

    “Ummm…uhhh…” Sora was lost for words; his pink face was now as red as a cherry.

    “Sora, is this true?” Olette asked.

    “This is gonna be a long day…” Naminé sighed as a faint smile appeared on her face.

    The lunch bell had just rung and Roxas and Naminé were happy the torture had ended. As for Roxas’ punishment he got a one really hard punch on the arm from Sora.

    Fourth period had just started and it was math class, and today’s lesson was on measurement; Naminé’s worst subject.

    “Selphie, I don’t get any of this!” Naminé whispered.

    “You think I do!” Selphie whispered back, “Ask Roxas, he probably might know a thing or two.”

    “Me asking him! Are you crazy!” Naminé said a little too loudly causing a chain of shushes from the other students.

    “How about I help you,” someone said from the left side of Naminé.

    “Seifer, what do you want?” she asked dryly.

    “Well, I know was a jerk at lunch. So I was thinking, can we please start over?” he begged with puppy dog eyes that only a few girls could resist.

    “Fine! I need help with this anyway…” Naminé sighed in defeat rolling her eyes.

    “Thank you!” Seifer smiled, “See, in this question you have to multiply x with the height before you calculate this, to get the solution,” he pointed out (A/N: I just made up something random because I suck at math! XD).

    “Ohh…I see…” Naminé smiled, she finally was starting to understand it now.

    From the back Roxas could see it all, “Grr…what am I getting so worked up for? Seifer can have her for all I care. She’s nothing like her…” he thought.

    Soon the bell rang signaling the students to go to their next class. For Naminé it was gym class. She walked with Selphie towards the girls’ change room where she would change into her gym attire.

    When Naminé finished changing, she was wearing a grey t-shirt with the school logo and black shorts that way were above her knees.

    “Umm…do the shorts have to be this high?” Naminé complained.

    “Yeah, I agree with Naminé,” Kairi saidin her attempt to make her shorts seem longer.

    “Aww…I kind of like them, and they look great on you Namie!” Selphie smiled, twirling around.

    “So my nickname is ‘Namie’ now?” Naminé questioned raising an eye brow.

    “Don’t worry Roxas has a lot of nicknames too!” Kairi laughed, “Selphie and Yuffie always do this when they think your original name doesn’t suite you.”

    “Who’s Yuffie?” Naminé asked.

    “Yuffie’s a senior. She’s kind of like an older sister type to Roxas,” Kairi replied.

    “And if you’re still wondering about the nicknames, I dubbed Roxas, BHK and Yuffie calls him Roxie!” Selphie smiled.

    “Roxie?” Naminé thought she was going to die of laughter, until Kairi said they were going to get in trouble if they were late for Mr.Takeru’s class.

    Gym class in Twilight High was co-ed and unfortunately for Naminé all her sophomore buddies were there and are probably going to make fun of her and Roxas one way or another.

    “Okay class, cross country will be starting soon, so I want you to run laps around the football field until class is over,” The teacher yelled.

    The class groaned and began running laps as soon as the teacher blew the whistle. When Naminé was running, she was with Kairi and Selphie, while her guy friends were up front (A/N: Roxas, Sora, and Tidus) .

    “So Naminé, you never told us who you roommate was,” Kairi said looking at blonde girl.

    “Yeah Namie, tell us!” Selphie asked.

    “Can you please drop the nickname?” Naminé asked rolling her eyes.

    “Fine, fine! Just tell us who it is though!” Selphie said.

    “My roommate… it’s… umm…” Naminé stalled, “Think Naminé! Think! You’ll never live it down if they find out its Roxas!” she thought, “It’s a senior,” Naminé lied.

    “Really? What’s her name?” Selphie asked.

    “I-I don’t remember!” Naminé stuttered.

    “That’s too bad,” Kairi pouted.

    In front Roxas, Sora, and Tidus were having a similar conversation.

    “So who is he?” Sora asked.

    “If I say it’s Naminé, I know I’m never gonna live it down! That’s a fact!” Roxas thought, “Uh, it’s a new kid in ninth grade,” he lied, “These two are to stupid to asked for the details. Score 1 for Roxas!”

    “Oh really?” Tidus wondered, “What’s his name?”

    “DAMN!” he yelled at himself, “You probably don’t know him!” Roxas laughed nervously.

    “Oh okay,” Sora said, with astill wondering look on his face. Roxas just sighed in relief.

    Class ended with all the students lying down on the ground and panting for air, or leaning on a wall and panting for air.

    Naminé quickly changed clothes and headed to her most favorite class ever; art (A/N: That’s my favorite subject too! XD).

    She took her seat at the back of the class and sighed in relief, “Yes, one class with out him!”

    Soon the door creeked open, “Hi?” Roxas greeted nervously at the front of the class.

    “DAMN IT!” Naminé cussed silently in her thoughts.

    “Mr.Hikari, late again! Please take the empty seat beside the new girl and don’t make anymore interruptions!” the teacher sighed.

    Roxas took his seat and glared at Naminé along the way. Naminé complimented this gesture by doing the same.

    “Okay class, for today’s lesson you must sketch yourself doing your favorite hobby,” the teacher instructed, “Begin!”

    Naminé took the piece of paper in front of her and began to draw. It was starting to shape up in to a portrait of her drawing. The picture her drawing drew was an unfinished sketch of the boy in her childhood, but you couldn’t really notice it from a far.

    Naminé was somewhat proud of what she drew. Since she finished early, she decided to peek over to see what Roxas was drawing. It was a picture of him skateboarding. Naminé to admit he was pretty good at sketching.

    Roxas also finished early and decided to look over at Naminé’s sketch, “A picture of you drawing huh?”

    “What! Got a problem with it Roxie?” Naminé for some reason took it as an insult.

    “Hey! Who told you that?” Roxas yelled looking around.

    “Mr.Hikari, please stop flirting and sit down quietly,” the teacher told. A few snickers and giggles could be heard across the room as Roxas’ cheeks began turning a light shade of pink.

    School was over for the day and Naminé went over to her locker to grab some books for tonight’s homework, and boy did she have a lot of text books. When Naminé closed her locker, she suddenly bumped into someone.

    “Sorry! Here let me help you!” a boy apologized.

    Naminé didn’t really take notice to see who it was and continued to pick up her books, andshe accidentally touched the boy’s hand on the last book. Naminé’s began blushing, she looked up to see his face, “You…” she glared.

    “At least hold off on the arguments until after I help you,” Roxas smiled.

    Naminé didn’t know why, but she liked his smile, it seemed so familiar…

    “Fine!” she agreed turning her face the other way so he wouldn't see her blushing.

    Roxas suggested he would carry half her books so it would be easier for her. On the way to the dormitory, there was an awkward silence between them, but Roxas tried to break it.

    “Soo…I was wondering…” he said as a blush crept on to his cheeks, “If we could, you know… start ov–” Roxas was cut off.

    “Hey you love birds, wait up!” Olette yelled with Kairi and Selphie walking beside the brunette girl, causing Naminé and Roxas to jump a little.

    Naminé quickly looked at Roxas, “Quick! Gimme my books and get to the room before I do, so they don’t suspect anything!” Roxas gave a quick nod and handed her books over before running off.

    “Hey Naminé, wasn’t that Roxas just now?” Selphie wondered as the three girls caught up to her.

    “NO! I-I mean, no way he would wanna walk with me! I mean the guy’s a complete dope!” Naminé lied nervously.

    “Oh okay. Hey, I got an idea! Why don’t we see Naminé’s room?” Selphie leaped.

    “Yeah!” Kairi and Olette agreed running off.

    “No, you can’t-” but the other girls were already to far ahead to hear Naminé.

    When they got to the room Naminé tried to make excuses.

    “But the room’s messy!”

    “You should see Sora and Hayner’s room if you want messy!” Kairi laughed.

    “Fine!” Naminé gave up, “HEAR THAT, WE'RE GOING INSIDE THE ROOM!” she yelled.

    Inside Roxas was panicking to find a hiding place. He could jump out the window, but they were in the fifth floor. “Crap! Where am I gonna hide!” Roxas thought.

    “WE ARE OPENING THE DOOR NOW!” Naminé yelled, “I hope you found a hiding place or were screwed!”

    Roxas chose a random hiding place and literally jumped the closet. When Naminé went in she began frantically looking around the place to make sure Roxas was well hidden. Naminé opened her closet to see Roxas there waving at her.

    “What are you doing here! Couldn’t you hide in your own closet!” she whispered fiercely. Roxas was about to answer until Selphie began talking.

    “Naminé, are you okay?” Selphie asked raising an eye brow.

    Naminé quickly closed the closet, “Oww!” Roxas yelped.

    “What was that?” Kairi asked, looking around.

    “Umm…Oww! I kind of closed the closet on my finger! Don’t worry, I’m okay!” Naminé laughed nervously pretending her finger was injured.

    “Well anyways, come shopping with us in the mall at Friday!” Olette said.

    “Sure! Okay, bye! I’m busy so see you tomorrow!” Naminé shoved her friends out the door and sighed, “That was too close…”

    “Tell me about it!” Roxas laughed as he was trying to untangle himself from the clothes and bags.

    Naminé fell on her bed and began laughing along with Roxas.