• Dragoon.
    Dragoons are one of the most honorable races you can come across that is if you don't get killed in the process. Some of people made a virus to wipe the Dragoons off the face of the planet.. sad day that was for the Dragoons. All of the Dragoons were whipped out except for one. The one that made it was a toddler, and the toddlers name was Drath Ryu. The tot grew and grew till he looked like he was 25 years old but he was 25 eons old he lived his life in the shadows of caves and the underworld realms. Until one day on his Birth-day alone he saw her another race that was wiped off the when the virus was released. She was beautiful, she a hearine, a charmer, an angel and a vampire. She was perfect in every way he wished he could speak to her. Then he started off to her when he got her he said "hi." to her she responded "Please don't kill me!!!!" he spoke softly to her and said
    "I won't. I love you too much to harm you. Please come with me okay?" so they walked together for about an hour then they heard fighting clangs and ring of steel on steel and flesh Drath said
    "Wait here I'll be right back okay"
    "yes Ryu-sama my future hubby"