• Chapter 7: Trapped

    Once spring came, my first thing I wanted to do was go to the meadow with Edward. That place was always serene and nothing ever went wrong, though maybe that one time when I saw Laurent, but that really didn’t count. No matter what, I will always love that place it was our meadow forever.
    After Kira became accustomed to the Cullens way of life, she became more of my little sister. Well…she’d follow me a bit with those green irresistible eyes of hers and I’ll give into anything she wanted. Even in school she’ll trail right behind Edward, quietly never speaking a word and always nearby. Even Charlie grew a little attached to the cute silent girl who never leaves my side. I always feel odd about that, I was her idol almost.
    It was the third Saturday of spring, and Edward and I planned to go to the meadow. I was dressed in clean clothes, freshly washed and out of the laundry. I was wearing my favorite blue blouse and jeans, and was waiting outside my front door for Edward. Like on cue, he arrived immediately.
    “Edward!” I yelled as I ran toward him. He got out of the seat with open arms, he faced wasn’t all completely pleased.
    “Hey, Bella,”
    “Um…what’s wrong?”
    “…We have guest with us today…” he sighed. I stared at him confused.
    As Edward let me into the passenger seat, I looked behind my seat and noticed my guest. Kira. She had her arms crossed across her body and leaned against her seat in the Volvo. Her eyes were squinted gently, like she was thinking.
    “Hi, Kira. How are you?” I smiled at her.
    She glanced up at me with her mesmerizing eyes for a second, and then returned to her previous position.
    “Oh, okay.” Then I returned to my seat, Edward was looking at me a little disappointed.
    “Should we plan this for another time, Bella?”
    “No! No! It’s okay,” my reaction sort of startled him a bit. Kira never budged.
    “Okay, whatever you want Bella.” He began to make the car purr to life.

    When we got there I jumped out of the car immediately, I almost tripped and slammed my face into the ground, but Edward caught me and laughed a bit. Kira stared blank faced at me her lips slightly tighten.
    I wanted to reach the meadow quickly, so for once I wanted to run with Edward. For some reason I kept surprising him lately, and released a huge grin. In a matter of seconds we made it there. The sun probably will reach noon in a few hours, the meadow was still glistening with new moisture and flowers blooming. Fresh smells entered my body quickly. Edward was quick to grab my hand.
    “It never changes here you know,” he smiled at me.
    “Yeah I noticed,” I returned to smile. Kira began to sit crossed legged in the middle of the meadow, her semi-long black hair swaying with the wind. Her radiance probably only seen in movies. I pulled Edward toward her, and sat about a few feet from her, Edward grabbed me from behind and hugged me playfully. I couldn’t help laughing. Kira lied on her back in the grass, eyes closed with a gentle face expression.
    We all stood there in silence for a while, it wasn’t bad though; at least I enjoyed it. I smelt Edward’s heavenly scent as he probably enjoyed my scent. I could hear Kira’s deep even breaths, nearby. There was nothing to hide here…everything was open and free here.
    After what seemed like an hour but really maybe a few minutes, Edward’s body became uptight and Kira’s breathing ceased. Her eyes shot open; a mixture of green and red began to swirl in her eyes. There was something wrong I just knew it.
    “Edward…what’s wrong?” my voice sounded low.
    “Not again…don’t move, at all,” his voice was strong now. Kira sat up fluidly still cross-legged and started to glance around, her head eventually stopped at the other end of the field. A tall shadow stood, white teeth baring and arranged into a large smile. Kira’s figure grew still and cold. Edward held on tighter.
    The shadow approached as Kira stood up. Her arms were hanging by her sides; her head dropped toward the ground, and walked forward extremely slow like a zombie.
    As the shadow came into view, the sun gleamed on his skin almost making him shimmer. He was young, probably in between sixteen and maybe eighteen. His eyes were like the rest of the vampires I’ve seen, golden; though his weren’t promising they were mischievous and shifty. His clothes were casual; a light long sleeved black shirt and long jeans. His hair was almost surfer styled; straight, long, spiky at the ends, but it was auburn tinted than the traditional blonde. He was handsome I’ll admit, but there was this essence I didn’t like… there was this scheming feeling about him.
    They both stopped in the middle of the meadow as Edward lifted me up to watch. Edward was cautious, but not too over protective, he just stayed close. The other guy was still smiling, Kira looked down. Her expression was carved with pain.
    “It’s been a bit hasn’t Kira?” he said lowering his head to speak to her face directly. She didn’t budge.
    Daiyu? She knew him? Edward only shook his head a bit and continued to watch.
    “Bella, if you ever want to see torture. Welcome to the show,” he whispered to me. I gulped.
    Daiyu placed his hand under her chin, lifting her head so he could meet her eyes. Her eyes returned to green, her expression was still hurt and fearful.
    “My, my Kira. You haven’t changed at all. Your still as cute as a doll,” his tone was calm and beautiful. Though it would never match Edward’s.
    “Why are you here? Why…did you return?” her voice was low and timid.
    “For you my dear, I missed you terribly…” he reached down to kiss her face. He stopped inches before they met. She closed her eyes tightly.
    “Hm…you have an ability don’t you. A clever one too,” he said playfully.
    After rethinking a bit, and reviewing Kira’s story I realized who Daiyu was. He was the boy who played her with love, killed her parents, and made her into a vampire. I can see why she was easily tricked he seemed almost harmless. He was entrancing. Edward made a quick chuckle and smirked a bit. Daiyu moved his sight toward us, and we stepped back a few steps.
    “Cullen? And a human?” he laughed to himself a bit. “My it has been a long time, huh,” his voice was playful and teasing. I didn’t like him at all.
    “It has. How many victims have you had since you left?” Edward smirked evilly at him.
    “My maybe 10? One for each year…what’s sad though none survived.” His voice dropped for a second. “Each one’s blood tasted great, but the one with the tastiest was the only one who survived. And I couldn’t stand to let her go to waste either.” He glanced over to Kira. My brain was working today thankfully, and I understood everything. “How about you, Edward?”
    “You know me Daiyu. I’m not a thief of hearts.”
    “Oh, right. But it’s so much fun. Not matter how much they hate you in the end; they all crawl back when I return for them.” He chuckled a bit louder. “Whether I choose to return for them or not, they’re heartbroken when I’m not there.” He’s eyes were narrowed and spoke so playfully. Kira stood behind him, still and silent. Then I understood that’s how I feel when Edward leaves me. Heartbroken.
    Daiyu turned back to Kira, titling his head to see her face.
    “Aren’t you glad that I came back for you. I’ve been looking everywhere. Especially Italy. For sure I thought you would want to die, but you chose not to. I missed you terribly dear.” I really did hate his voice. He didn’t love her; he wants to play with her. I was so angry.
    Kira remained silent.
    “I see you haven’t changed in your quiet ways. Well if you don’t want me I’ll leave,” and in a flash he was back on the other side of the field.
    “NO!” Kira screamed as loud as she could. I was startled; Edward made his crooked smile and laughed for a second.
    “Bella, she a toy to him, this why I’m dangerous to you. You could become that in a matter of seconds.” He whispered to me. And it was true. I can be a toy to Edward instantly if I wasn’t already now. It was a scary thought, but I was sure Edward wouldn’t do anything like that to me.
    Daiyu returned nearly inches from Kira. She locked her eyes shut.
    “Refusing to look at me? But you just called me dear?” He turned his head toward us again. “See what I mean. Heartbroken. Can’t last another second without me. Wouldn’t you love that kind of power, especially with such a frail human you have…”
    “You sick, twisted demon,” Edward interrupted him angrily. “I would never abuse anyone. No one.”
    “Ahh, you see? This is why we don’t mix well, I have power and you…”
    “I have plenty and a lot more than you’ll ever have Daiyu. All you have is power, and it’s a matter of time until someone destroys it.” Edward interrupted again.
    “Are you getting angry? Oh I’m so sorry, Edward.” He smirked again. My anger rose higher, I was starting to believe there were flames on my head. “May I ask what your dear human’s name is?” he put out his hand out at us. Kira’s teeth clenched.
    “Her name is Bella…” Edward said slowly.
    “Ah what a beautiful name. It’s short for Isabella correct? Both names are equally beautiful though,” he looked at me with such innocence, but I saw through the mask. He was internally and certainly evil somewhere.
    He turned back to Kira and kissed her lightly on the forehead.
    “But nothing is as beautiful as you are my dear Kira,”
    Her eyes began to weaken and squinted a bit. She looked frightened into his golden eyes.
    “What…are you going to do now?” she asked shakily. I felt so enraged; I wanted to punch him so hard I wanted to crack his skull open.
    “Nothing bad my dear, I love you, you know,”
    She closed her eyes again.
    “Edward do something!” I whispered loudly to him.
    “Like what?”
    “Kill him! Do something!” he became a little startled at my answer.
    “I won’t let him do anything to her, I promise Bella. Just give it another minute and I’ll end this all okay?”
    I nodded but I was still ready to pounce on him and make him bleed till he dies.
    Kira was still frozen in her place.