• Some call them vampires, others call them demons or shadows, the ripaway spirits are worse than all these things, the mindless dark beings prey on anything with a soul, slowly dismantling it piece by piece to its core, when they find the heart of the soul, it's deepest fear, love, and hate, they put the knife in, and another ripaway spirit is born.

    Jean, an average, rebellious teenager, scowled in her usual manner as she walked to school, her long black hair being made a mess in the wind. Jean was a classic case of existence hating, she thought every aspect of her life was horrible, despite her parents were hard working middle class citizens with a house and no debt. Jean wasn't restricted by rules much, and if she asked for something, she got it in a matter of time. Despite her relatively easy life style, she still never had enough.
    On Jean's daily walk to high school, she was never joined by any friends, she didn't really have any, because over the past couple have years she started becoming the unlikable person she really was. Anyone who approached her was considered an annoyance, and pushed them aside. She would be bothered again on this day, but not by any sort of high schooler.
    Jean was only slightly annoyed by her life, until someone who looked rather odd, as if not altogether there, was standing on the sidewalk, a few yards away from her, at which she wished she had every gold rush era disease at once. The person in front of her was all dark, black tendrils swirled in and of it's billowy, shadowy body. Jean was only worried for a second before going back to herself.
    "Nice special effects, loser." Jean growled, as she walked around the shadowy figure. Jean continued walking to school, but was followed by a small pool of black.
    Jean was late to class as usual, first period was biology, she just walked through the door like she didn't care she was late, went to her desk and sat down with her feet propped up on the back of the desk in front of her.
    "Jean, dear, you're late again." the biology teacher, Mrs. Gelfry, said.
    "Yeah big deal, I might get sent to detention again." Jean replied, rolling her eyes.
    "I'm sorry but I must send you to the principal once more."
    "Ugh." Jean moaned as she grabbed her backpack and walked away, she made sure to slam the door as hard as possible, and walked very slowly towards the principals office with multiple detours. Jean was almost to the principals office, when one of the lockers rattled violently, the principles office was around the corner, so she decided to have a look, she pulled out the lock picking kit that her parents ignorantly bought her after she asked, without thinking of the all the complaints of stolen items they would get, and began to pick the lock.
    After a few minutes, the lock was open, half expecting to find someone crammed inside, she was wrong. A thick tar like substance started pouring out onto the floor, clawed hands started reaching out through the puddle on the floor.
    "Who the hell is messing with me today?" Jean whispered while backing away.

    To be continued...