• Once, there was a 13 year old boy named Riku and his 11 year old brother Ty. They were the best of brothers they always got along, and always shared with each other. "Hey Riku have you ever thought a piece of or family was missing?" he asked. "Yes brother it always felt like I've had a special bond with someone" he replied "who that someone is I dont know."

    So one night, like any other normal night changed...

    "Kids times for dinner!" their mom and dad called. Their parents decided to order in tonight. "Yummie" Ty said "pizza!" "So Riku, Ty who was school today?" their dad asked. "Like any other" they both answered. They had been through with their pizza then. "Kids, head up stairs,time for bed." she told them. They stepped up the stairs and got in their beds to go to sleep. In about 10 minutes,they were fast asleep.

    Two hours later, a bright flash woke Riku up. A witch was at the window on her blinding broomstick. Riku could not see anything and started to get scared! A couple seconds later Ty woke up. "NO LEAVE ME ALONE!" he screamed. The witch did not bother his screaming because the flash still cloaked Ty and herself. Ty's screams got farther,farther,farther-then stopped. The flash was also gone and so was Ty!!! "OH-NO!"he yelped. He peeked out of his window the flash was heading tward the forest and he could see a wolf, not his brother!

    He packed up things for survival in the forest, he was going to save his brother. He packed a tent they always played with, a flash light, 18 extra batteries, some matches that his dad used, a couple of left over slices of pizza,a cord ,and a box. Then he jumped out the window with no sound some other raw ,edible foods were also in his bag. He then picked up wood lieing around his house and set off into the night.

    He found a remote area from his house set up the tent and pulled out a slice of pizza all the packing was making him hungry. Then he took some old wires that were in his bag for about a couple of days and arranged them in the box. After that he took the cord attached it in the box and to a nearby tree. he felt some heat. "YES ITS WORKING!" he shouted. He had taken all that he knew about making things and made a microwave! he put the pizza in and frequently checked because he could not see through the box, and he also didnt have a timer on there.

    The next morning, he packed everything up and traveled farther into the forest. On his watch it said 8:47 a.m. He stopped and looked at his hands and feet. "HEY MY HANDS AND FEET LOOK LIKE WOLVES" he screamed. Then he looked back. "I HAVE A TAIL!!!!" He was happy because had forgotten to pack a weapon. Later he bumped into a girl. "Owww." she said. "My name is Daft,nice to meet you." Greeting him friendly. She was riding a wolf. "I'm Rik-uhhhhh." A memory had hit him , telling him that that wolf was his brother. She looked exactly the same as Riku did. "Where did you get that wolf?" he asked? "From a crazy witch I had to fight the her to save Howler Fang thats his name."she said.

    "No his name is Ty hes my brother." he corrected. " TO BE CONTINUED....

    (Authors note i will be making the next one in monday so watch out for it thanks riku354)