• The day I was born, I was cursed. I didn't even know about that until later in my life. I was cursed by a dark fairy. My mother pleaded for me to be normal, that didn't work. The fairy killed her and cursed me. I had now buck teeth and a clown nose, FOREVER.

    As the years passed, my father protected me from getting in trouble. I bit people alot. " Wear this so you don't go off biting your classmates. " He'd always say. I'd give up always. I was a laughingstock. I cried myself to sleep every night.

    High School soon began. Nerdiest girl in school became uglyist kid. I was uglyist. " WHY AM I TREATED THIS WAY? " I'd say. I got potatos thrown at me at lunch or garbage dumped on me. I finally got a boyfriend. We grew so much together, we we're going to get married. I was soo happy.

    I was beautiful on my wedding day, but it wouldn't cover up for the rest of the day. First my father got terribly ill. Then at the wedding itself, the worst.
    " Were is he? " I said. Then i hear a scream. I saw a group and listened in to them. What I heard was " What'll we tell her? " "He's a no show. " "Get her a replacement. " I ran away crying but that still didn't cover up for my secreat.
    I was going to have his baby, my baby, our baby.

    The baby was born. A girl. 8.5 pounds. I was a widow. My love was dead. I wished for her normality. The thing was.....she will ALWAYS be normal, living with and ugly widow. The dark fairy came, trying to curse my baby. I killed her, avenging my mother, and my uglyness. I hide in soot to hide my face......but I don't care. I like it. It's better this way. Maybe one day I'll meet another man to marry. For now, I'm a single little widow and I wouldn't have it any other way.