• Chapter 5:
    body guard

    After their talk Kiobi went to wash up for dinner, “ I'll show you the way to the bathroom” said Rin leading the way. “ I still can't believe your fathers letting me stay here” Kiobi said still surprised. “ Father is very grateful for you saving me” she said she then turned and faced Kiobi “ and so am I.” She was blushing and looking down at her feet. He too was blushing, he looked away and scratched his head “ Your welcome.” Kiobi said. Rin showed Kiobi to the guest bathroom, “Wow nice bathroom” said kiobi with wide eyes. It was a large bathroom decorated in red and gold fixtures. There was a Jacuzzi bathtub and a big shower. “ You go and wash up” said Rin “ I'll go and find you some clean clothes.” Kiobi nodded “alright” he said “see you in a few.”

    Kiobi decided he would take a shower, He walked over and turned on the water. He shed his clothing or at least what little clothing he was wearing, even his long fingerless gloves. When he removed the glove on his left hand it revealed a strange birthmark. It looked much like a tattoo but it was carved in to his skin, it was a black circle with a star in the middle and had four claw like designs on the outside of the circle, It resembled a paw print of some kind. He looked down at it with disgust “I wish I could just wash this thing away.” he said to himself.

    But that wasn't the only thing on his mind, something was confusing him. Rin's hair is white, but her father has brown hair, even the in pictures of her and her mother he had seen, her mother’s hair was brown. He thought to himself “But why does Rin have white hair?” He stood in the shower for a while and allowed the water to fall into his face, it felt good on his skin. He stood there in the shower until he realized he had been in the shower for about forty-five minutes. He quickly finished washing up and wrapped himself in a towel.

    As he stepped out of the shower he grabbed another towel and began drying his hair. Unfortunately for Kiobi he was having some trouble with the towel around his waist, it was falling down and no matter what he did it just wouldn't stay up. Just as he lost his grip on the stubborn towel Rin walked in the door with his clothes. “GAHHHHH!!!!” Kiobi screamed. Rin turned bright red and dropped the clothes she was holding. “I'M SO SORRY!!!!” she shouted. She covered her eyes and ran out of the bathroom.
    He picked up the clothes that Rin had been holding, a white long sleeve shirt and a pair of blue jeans. “ That was embarrassing.” Kiobi thought to himself. At dinner they didn't talk at all, afterward Kiobi decided he didn't want desert and went outside and sat on the stairs by the front door.

    He sat there for a while, Listening to the crickets chirp and to the Ra-ta-ta-ta! of the cicada's in the willow trees. About fifteen minutes had passed before Kiobi heard the sound of the front door opening, his ears whipped back like tiny satellites picking up every sound from behind him. But he himself did not move an inch. It was Rins father, he sat down next to Kiobi. “ So I heard you were naked in front of my daughter.” he said trying to sound serious. Kiobi jumped up in a panic “ I-It was an accident!” he exclaimed his arms flailing about. “ I didn't mean to!” Just then Rins father let out a hardy laugh “ I was just teasing” he said “ clam down.”

    Kiobi let out a sigh, “ You really had me there.” he said rubbing the back of his head. For a while they were quite, then Kiobi turned toward Mr. Yuzano. “ Mr. Yuzano I have a question about Rin.” he said Mr. Yuzano looked down at him “ What about Rin?” he asked. “ Why is her hair white?” Kiobi asked. Mr. Yuzano looked up toward the moon, “ Well it begins when Rin was first born.” He began “ She was born a very sick child, My wife and I were told she would not live very long. One day just after she turned a year old she was hospitalized indefinitely, and we were told she would not make it through the night. So we prayed, we prayed that she would get better and that we'd be able to finally take her home.

    That night we had fallen asleep in her hospital room, and late that night I was awakened by something. A bright light if you will, it filled the entire room and in the middle of it all was a madden dressed in white robes. She walked toward my daughter and knelt by her bed side, and said the words “ I will give you a second chance at life, now that you have been kissed by the moon.” and as quickly as she had come the woman was gone. When I approached my daughter in her bed I noticed he hair had turned white and her eyes blue. When the doctors had come the next morning they could find nothing wrong with her.” Mr. Yuzano told Kiobi.

    “ I see” said Kiobi “now I understand.” “ There is something I must ask of you.” Said Mr. Yuzano the tone is his voice was very serious. Kiobi looked up at him “ What is it sir?” he asked. “ I would like you to become my daughter’s body guard.” Mr. Yuzano said “ What do you say?” He asked. Kiobi looked up at him, his eyes narrowed. “Are you sure you can trust me?” He asked. Mr. Yuzano smiled “ I'm sure I can, you have a good heart I can sense it” he said. “ Well if you can trust me” Kiobi said still a little unsure “ Then I will be glad to be Rins body guard.” As he said this Kiobi looked down at his left hand which was now covered by a black fingerless glove and a string of white glittering rocks. “ With this mark, can I be trusted?” he asked himself.