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    “You want me to join the cheerleading squad” I said not asking a question. Piper nodded smiling sweetly. “I-

    She cut me off saying “You don’t have to answer now. Just think about it ‘kay?” I nodded as she skipped back into the lunch room. Huh I quickly walked back into the lunch room just as Mason rounded the corner, hoping he would follow and find our table.

    “What did Malibu Barbie want?” Tammy asked as I sat back down.

    “She asked me to join the cheerleading squad!” I exclaimed stealing a chip off of her plate as she stole a fry off mine.

    “Really?” Melody asked eyeing Piper suspiciously. I nodded wondering why.

    “Good afternoon ladies” The smooth voice made me smile as I looked up at Mason. He sat down on the other side next to me while Brian sat next to Tammy, Melody who was in the middle looked at us then looked at the food in front of her. “Who are you?” Mason asked Melody not leaving anyone out.

    “My names Melody” She said smiling at him.

    “Nice to meet you Melody I’m Mason,” Mason said making me blush as he grabbed my hand under the table.

    “Likewise Mason” Melody said looking at me with wide eyes. The next thing I knew the bell clanged telling everyone they had to get to class.

    “Let’s go,” Mason said standing taking the tray from in front of me and dumping it in the trash

    “Thank you,” I said smiling up at him, and he smiled back no hesitation inside it.

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    Mason and I walked to social studies hand in hand. “What did Piper want?” Mason asked stopping me in the middle of the hallway.

    “What do you mean?” I asked trying to avoid the subject.

    “When I was coming down the hallway I saw her with you now talk,” He said I nodded and told him the whole thing. “Do you want to join the cheerleading squad?” He asked as the warning bell sounded.

    “I don’t know,” I admitted “I don’t think I do” Mason did play basketball; it would be nice to have an excuse to be at his games.

    “I think you want to, if you do no one can stop you,” He said

    “It’s Piper,” I said shaking my head as I continued to walk. Mason ran in front of me, stopping me once again.

    “She can’t stop you from doing this. She asked you and she didn’t have to.” I thought about it and nodded.

    “You’re right I guess I could try.” Mason smiled and took my hand.

    “Let’s get to class.” I nodded and we half ran to social studies just making it before the late bell sounded in our ears.

    “Everyone take your seats” Our teacher exclaimed and the whole class sat down obediently.