• “Line up and get ready to jump, we’re hitting the target hard and fast!” a look of anger and frustration rose in the Sarge’s face. Looking out towards the howling winds of the mid-summer morning. “Our current objective that HQ has given us today is a small retrieval mission, the threats can be high, and so its no wonder they gave us this mission. We jump in five, so get ready, make preparations and be ready for anything that goes out there in the skies,” he put out his cigar and looked to his squad of well-trained sky jumpers.

    Elite soldiers specially chosen for this program, known as Sky Jumper Seven, only eight were left, and they were divided into two teams, delta and alpha. First squad, Delta consisted of Inferno, Freeze, Havoc and myself, I am Ghost. Alpha squad were made up of Sarge, Slinger, Cross-bow, and Panther.

    “Hey…Ghost? You okay man?” Freeze turned to me, still reloading his gun and setting the strap to its right extent.

    “Yeah, sure, just thinking,” I shoved in a fresh clip of ammo and picked up my helmet, looking at the fresh bullet scuff that was on the top.

    Freeze put on a belt with his stun grenades clipped on the side, “Still thinking about what happened, eh? You got to learn to let stuff g-…”

    “What I’ve done in my past has nothing to do with now!” Snapping at him, I put on my helmet, tightened the strap and got up walking towards the back of the plane, ready to jump.

    “I’m sorry Ghost…Are you all ready to go?” Asking me a simple question like that could have resolved in an ugly dispute, but instead I answered him kindly.

    “Depends on one thing, how are you on ammo, soldier?” The squad’s ammunition came first before anything, if we were in the field and ran out, we’d be finished, close combat, when they hold the weapons, is not a good outcome.

    “Full up sir, but do you mind informing me on our return to Heavy Base?” Freeze was just another curious soldier wanting to know everything about what our actual mission is.

    “Retake the base, kill any threat, retrieve files, simple and clear as day, you need not know anymore than you already do,” there was no reason to alarm the squad of our real reason, if they knew the horrible truth, they would find out everything there is to know about the governments real experimentation with these so called super soldiers.

    Freeze was ready to say something, but the Sarge interrupted us both as he flicked a switch and the cargo bay light turned red. “Okay now soldiers, let’s give them hell!” Sarge signaled everyone to hop out the cargo bay and we all made our way to the back and took the leap of faith.

    The wind was loud and rushed to my body; I could feel my clothes flap wildly in the wind as we fell. I looked back to the plane and talked over my COM “Pick up at 1300 hours?”

    “I don’t think so sir, we’ve got a few enemy ships incoming, you better get out of here while you can unnoticed,” The pilot took evasive action, as bullets flew from its turrets towards the enemy aircraft.

    The manta ray shaped ships known as M2’s, flew quickly and took out our pick-up ship, “Move now, they’re coming after us!” I told the rest of the squad on the intercom as I turned to face the upcoming ground.

    I had to pick up speed and quickly, before these ships destroyed our team, “s**t…what to do…” I pondered for a while, more likely to be about 5 seconds, before I took out my desert eagles, and aimed at the aircraft flying above me, I took a quick look and fired, hitting its gas line. It exploded in a fiery ball of smoke and flames as the debris started to descend towards the ground.

    Looking back down, I saw that the ground was only a few seconds away. Twenty at the most, I opened my chute, it flared open and my speed decreased quickly…to quickly, the lines stretched and broke, I was at a free fall for 5 seconds, before I hit the solid earth. The pain shook my body, but I immediately set it aside in the subconscious part of my brain and looked to my squad.

    “Divide into Delta and Alpha, we move a.s.a.p to the destination, Delta you move through the front, and Alpha we go through the back way,” Sarge commanded the two squads, it was pathetic though on how he got to be the Sarge, all he did is when he was a private is save the Generals son before the base was bombed. If it weren’t for that incident it would have been me that commands this team.

    “Sir, what is that smell?” Inferno’s grip tightened on his rifle, as he covered his nose with his free arm.

    “That is the smell of death…you’ll know it well in here…” I could never get the smell out of my nose, it was always there, taunting me, forever there to torment and make me remember the blood that was shedded. The experiments were loose, animal testing was done here, no one knew much about it, but on the last active day of this facility, they escaped and burrowed away.

    Alpha squad made their way to the back and Delta just cut down the chain link fence. Electricity was disabled, so there were no secret shocks, or traps in the metal.

    “Havoc, go and get the main door open, don’t make a single sound, we don’t need vibration going through the ground.” I took careful steps and made sure to not crunch my foot on pebbles and loose glass.

    Havoc was halfway through the field when he got tired of being so quiet and just ran to the door, “Havoc no! You’ve alarmed them!” getting my rifle ready, I sprinted towards the door, hopefully making it in time, as Inferno and Freeze trailed behind me.

    The ground started to shake and we examined it carefully as Havoc finally got the door to open. A body jumped out and tackled Havoc to the ground, Inferno kicked the person aside and it was a scientist.

    “They’re after me, you got to get me out of here!” He gripped the collar of my shirt, as I looked into his eyes, I could see the same mark that was on the others that did survive here. The man ran away to the entrance of the facility, all seemed like he would escape this place.

    But not anymore, the ground broke, as a line of crumbling stones whipped towards the man, he looked back for a quick second as a massive spider leaped out and stabbed its fangs into the man, it quickly engulfed him and turned to us, ready to pounce.

    “Kill that ********!” Inferno screamed as he turned on his flashlight and started to shoot his MA5C towards the spider. Blood spewed out of its body, as it started to run towards us at an incredible speed.

    Freeze grabbed one of his stun grenades and threw it towards the spider. It went off and stopped it in its tracks. Freeze knew it was time to kill, he took out his hunting knife and sprinted towards the spiders stunned body. Jumping off of a stone, he flew through the air, the blade ready to stab and as soon as he was about to jab the blade it, the spider moved back and then snapped at Freeze.

    “Freeze! Get out of there!” I yelled through the moment of desperation, and attack, when as soon as it started to happen, the end of the moment was soon.

    Fangs tore into Freeze’s skin through his bulletproof suit, and punctured his lungs. Freeze took one last breath in, and you could see as the blood burst out of the puncture wounds, that the pain was agonizing, and unbearable. He could not scream, for it was only a matter of three seconds that this pain went through. The spider jerked its head side to side, and you could hear the bone separating and his skin tearing apart.

    Splitting him in two, Freeze’s last movement was pulling all the pins on his last stun grenades as he stabbed his blade into the spider. They went off and both the spider and him stopped completely.

    “******** get inside!” I screamed at Havoc and Inferno who were left out of Delta squad. They looked at each other and were shocked at what Freeze did, as his death started to sink in, I smacked them both with the butt of my rifle. They luckily heard their orders and ran inside, I looked back and saw Freezes dog tag lying on the ground under the spider.

    “I have to get that dog tag…to prove what happens here, to give a reason to stop this madness…” I took out my pistol and ran out towards the spider, shooting my full clip of ammo, I slid down under the spider, retrieving the dog tag, and then shooting the spider’s underbelly.

    Putting it away in my pocket, I got back up, as the burning sand heated my face and hand. The spider started to move again, its arms shone in the sunlight of this barren wasteland, “s**t!” I started sprinting back to the door, running inside, I slammed it behind me, locking it, then turning around to see Havoc and Inferno, in total shock of their surroundings.

    It was hell down here, the arms of dead humans were thrown around and bodies, not even complete bodies were scattered around the office. Blood stained the walls, and formed red puddles on the floor.

    “What…exactly happened here Ghost…Tell me the truth,” Inferno turned to me with a serious look on his face, but all the same time a feeling of sadness grew from him. Freeze had died, and it hit Inferno hard, they had both been elected around age 13 for the Sky jumpers training, they bonded there and stayed in the same squad since. They were brothers and seeing him die like that just broke something untouchable inside Inferno.

    “s**t…” muttering under my breath, I took a look around the dark office and reloaded my pistol.

    “Quit stalling and tell us what is going on!” Havoc yelled, as he slammed his hand into a nearby desk. The sound was thunderous and echoed off the walls.

    “We lost a man, the only one with the COM link, and the right coordination’s to contact HQ, we have to get out of here, but it looks like the front door is blocked.” I paced towards a map on the wall, the protective glass was smeared with blood, and I pointed my flashlight towards it. “There are underground tunnels right here, it’s the only way to escape this place.”

    “Well before we chase a dream, do you mind telling me what the hell this place is?” Inferno flicked on his LED light and looked towards me, a sense of curiousness rose in his voice.

    “I can tell you, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to believe me,” coolly, I replied, taking in all that happened I turned around and looked for the nearest elevator to the underground levels.

    “Try me, sir,” snapped back Inferno, his voice was no longer curious, but enraged.

    “Fine then, this is hell on earth, prepare for the ride back,” it was true, we only got one chance out, and its through the depths of hell’s creatures that should never face the ground of earth.

    Meanwhile Outside ‘Heavy’ Base

    “Sarge? What the hell was that sound?” Panther froze in his footsteps as he looked towards his fearless leader. The screeching of the spider pierced his eardrums, and sent a migraine straight to his head.

    “It’s of unknown origin, but I saw we should avoid it at all costs,” Sarge wasn’t much of a risk taker, as he signaled his squad to lower their voices and sounds of steps. They did as told, but it was no use, the spider was an expert at locating enemies with just vibrations.

    It appeared as quickly as it disappeared, “Spider! Shoot the b*****d!” Slinger took out his compound bow and readied an arrow.

    Cross-Bow, took out his high powered sniper rifle and aimed quickly at each leg, unloading 4 bullets into an individual leg. The spider hollered and pounced towards them. The squad evaded the blow and Slinger let go of his arrow. It flung through the air and pierced one of the spider’s many eyes.

    This only encouraged the spider to kill more, its color started to change, as it turned a green and black color, blood dripped from its fangs, from Freeze’s body, and it stared down Slinger.

    “Ah s**t!” Slinger started to run to his left as the spider sprung towards him, just at the last second Panther jumped in with a razor bladed katana, and cut off one of the spiders legs. It screamed and then swatted Panther towards the fence. The power was luckily still off, as he bounced off the fence and hit the ground hard.

    Slinger grabbed three more arrows and fired blindly towards the incoming threat. They hit its eye, a leg and the mouth of the spider, and it started to move more slowly, “We’ve almost got it!” Slinger yelled through the sounds of battle, and rolled to the side to avoid a slam of the spider’s legs.

    Sarge took out his FN Scar, and took short, well aimed bursts at the spider, it pierced into its body, and out the other. Green acid leaked out and started to burn away at the ground. “Oh no, big threat…be careful, this things full of a helluva lot of acid!”

    The battle, was getting harder to fight as Cross-Bow reloaded his rifle, and then aimed as quickly as he could at the incoming enemy. He fired twice, before it spat acid towards him, melting away his barrel, and started to melt away his uniform. Cross-Bow quickly striped off the acid covered clothes and then took out his pistol and hunting knife.

    “Cross bow, go! It’s too dangerous without your armor!” Slinger kept unloading arrows into the monster, as he backed away from the monstrosity,

    “Well it’s the same danger to you, as it is to me!” Cross-Bow ran towards the spider, and leapt into the air, knife at hand and pistol ready to fire. The spider quickly turned and was about to snap at Cross-bow, until Panther came in with his katana, and sliced through its fangs, the spider screamed in pain, and Cross bow stabbed into its head.

    Pulling himself up, he ran to the top of the spiders body and shot into his skull three times, leaving a tiny hole, small enough for a grenade to go in. Retrieving one from his belt, he pulled the pin, waited a few seconds and dropped it in.

    “Go!” Panther yelled as he cut at the spider then rolled backwards, supported himself up with his hands, and back flipped behind a rock for cover.

    Cross-Bow ran off of the spider and leaped towards Panther, his arm hit the ground hard and Slinger quickly ducked down as the spider imploded and then exploded, the acid shooting everywhere.

    It splattered on the ground and left black burn marks around the battlefield. “Sir, you mind telling us what the hell that was?” Panther asked, sliding his sword back in its scabbard, and Cross-Bow putting on a spare vest.

    “To be honest son, not even I know, but all we can hope for, is that Ghost and the other can eliminate whatever the ******** remains of these monsters…” Sarge looked to the base and back to his men, “We’re going for help.”

    Back Inside ‘Heavy’ Base…

    “So how exactly are we going to get out of this place, Ghost?” Havoc switched his LED lights on and followed me as I looked through doors and windows inside the main floor. There were bodies, but only some, this is a top facility, there has got to be more than just this.

    “Well, as much as HQ has told me about this place, there is an emergency phone on each floor, and if they don’t work…” Ghost signaled Inferno to try the phone, he picked up the receiver and there was nothing, “…there’s a phone downstairs in the central hub of the base, where direct links to HQ are kept.”

    “Then what are we waiting for, let’s go!” Havoc was about to sprint down the hallway, but I stopped him before he had the chance.

    Grabbing a bandana out of my pocket, I put it over my mouth and tied it, so I could block out most of the smell of rooting corpses and blood, “Hold on there Havoc, we have to take this trip slowly, or else we are to die like the rest…” Ghost positioned his MA5C rifle and walked slowly towards one of the elevators, creaking was heard in the vents.

    “Sir, I suggest we keep a move on, if we’re to live,” implied Inferno, as he surveyed his surroundings, shadows moved quickly in the darkness, and then a scream was heard from the outside. It was the cry of the Spider, it must have died or killed more innocent souls.

    Havoc jumped and then gritted his teeth, as he continued down the hallway. I opened the elevator door, flashing my light into the empty space. No danger lurked in the darkness, “Let’s keep moving soldiers.” I kept my voice low as the silent screeches of the darkness seeped through the gaps in between the walls.

    We all huddled inside the elevator, our equipment rattling against each others. I pressed the button for the bottom floor and prepared for the long ride down. We made it past about four levels before it started to shake, “s**t, we shouldn’t have trusted the elevator!” I pressed the emergency button and the door started to open.

    Inferno put his hand forward out the door, only to feel a rough kind of material against his hand. It parted in the middle and revealed an eye. “Sir…that’s no wall”

    The creature screeched and started to grip its claws into the metal coffin that we walked straight into. “Fire at will men!” screamed I started to fire into the creatures eye, it bled, and then turned red, hollering into the darkness, the creature pecked at the top of the elevator and it looked at three men, fighting for their lives.

    “Get out of this soup can!” Havoc yelled towards Inferno and I, as I started to fire at the creature’s head. It pecked towards me and I fell to the side, hitting the wall and breaking the glass. It moved its head around to try and get a hold of me. My only defense was a swift hard kick to its eye and then a couple shots to its brain. No use though, it just whipped its head out and tried to attack once more.

    Behind the creature I could see an open door, it must have been where it first came from, but got stuck here and just kept growing. I signaled Inferno and Havoc to move out, but as I was about to jump, the creature grew spikes out of its body and started to morph into a different beast. It snarled and then slashed at the elevator, it cut in half and was hanging on by a thread.

    “Jump now you fools!” I ordered them to go, Inferno jumped but Havoc looked at me before he went.

    “What are you to do, sir?” I had no idea if it was sympathy or just kissing a**, on why he asked me.

    “I’m going to distract this beast, and try to kill it…now go,” I pushed him and he went halfway before Inferno grabbed his hand and pulled him up, I looked to my adversary.

    “Mess with my squad, and your ******** toast!” Ghost put away his MA5C rifle, and pulled out his hunting blade. My enemy stared back and cried out a horrible war cry, as it vibrated the inside of my body.

    “Well…bring it on!” taking a quick two-step sprint, I jumped into the air and grabbed a hold of one of the cables used to pull up the elevators.

    Swing to an angle of 85 degrees, I swung back and forth, until I was close enough to the creature, and let go of the chain, I flipped in the air, and then stabbed at the skull of the creature.

    Just inches away from its razor sharp teeth, I pushed with my feet and then landed on top of its head. The creature started to climb up to the top of the dark elevator shaft, and I knew I had to kill this thing off soon.

    “Ghost, hurry up!” Havoc yelled up as Inferno started to fire his gun into the hallway, he could hear scattering of little creatures.

    “Give me a second!” Only a few seconds before this thing killed me, so I shot a whole clip of ammo into the monsters skull and made a tiny puncture wound, then slammed a time grenade in there, had to go now.

    “s**t!” I ran on top of its skull and then pushed off its nose towards a chain, the creature could sense the danger, and then it tried to kill me, the claws rattling against the chian as my hands felt each link after link, sliding down with this creature following behind me.

    Ten seconds remained on the time grenade. And I was almost at the bottom when I felt the chain break at the top, the monster wouldn’t give up.

    “s**t!” I was in a free fall, so I had to shift my weight to the left a bit and then, there. Slamming against the hard metal of the roof of the elevator, it knocked the wind out of me, and I got up quickly, hearing the chain hit the wall and claws breaking concrete, I jumped towards the door, and Havoc reached his hand out to me.

    I started to fall and then he grabbed onto a loose chain and slid down a bit to catch my hand, pulling up the chain was Inferno as the grenade went off and the creatures body started to fall down towards us, it seemed like I was to die. Everything went black and the last thing I remember was seeing fire go past me, and concrete break away at the remaining elevators. Then it was black, I was unconscious, and when I woke up, I was somewhere completely different.

    Sounds of bullets being fired ricocheted off the walls, and woke me up, I could see Havoc and Inferno firing away at little tiny spider creatures.

    “Ghost! Good you’re up, we have to get out of here, it’s only been two minutes and we’ve already got low ammo now!” Inferno threw a grenade and a whole school of spiders exploded and melted away at the floor.

    I looked to the side of me and saw a desk and an open ceiling panel, “Lets go through that thing!” Quickly I got up and started to make my way to it, I ran up the wall and punched open the ceiling panel, it lead into the ventilation.

    “Lets go!” I climbed up and reached for Havoc’s hand as he came up with my help.

    Inferno remained, and kept shooting away at the creatures, “I’ll fend off these creatures!” He yelled through the sounds of his gunfire.

    “What?! Inferno, grab my hand before you get yourself killed!” I reached my hand out once more, and he just swatted it away. A look of depression sunk in his eyes and I knew he wasn’t coming.

    I started to close the vent and Havoc looked at me “What the hell are you doing?”

    “He’s made up his mind, there’s nothing I can do,” the emotion was lost in my voice, “If he wants to die…that’s his choice.”

    “This place is evil…” Havoc pushed me aside and tried to open the vent, he started to jump out when Inferno grabbed his leg and then pushed him up, “Get out of here!”

    “Not without you, Inferno!” Havoc was trying to get down, but I grabbed his arm and pulled him through the vent, Inferno used the last of his strength to push Havoc up, quickly enough before the spiders began to eat away at his body.

    Inferno turned back and kicked off the spiders and started to shoot at them, he ignored the pain that aws overcoming him and fired his gun until no rounds were left, then he resorted to using his knife it was no use.

    The spiders came over him, like the tidal wave of a tsunami, he was still alive as their fangs tore into his skin, centimeter by centimeter and tore inside him, eating his insides, while he can see them tear away at him. He started to scream, but they punctured his lungs and he slowly died, his body having spasms, and Havoc watched it all as he was pulled up, and into the ventilation.

    “Death…it’s going to engulf us both” Havocs voice was shaky, and he turned to me, fear in his eyes, “Just like it did to Inferno…but worse…”

    “This is the hell, that I told yo-…” Trying to finish my sentence Havoc cut me off.

    “No! You didn’t tell me it was stuff like this!” Havocs voice rose for a second and the spiders stopped eating.

    “Keep your voice down, do you want them to find us?” I whispered, but whispered angrily.

    “No…” Havoc replied with a sad tone.

    “Then keep quiet and still,” The spiders continued to eat and we had to lay there in the vents, for an hour before they stopped feasting on our fallen comrade.

    When they were done, we hopped out of the vents and made our way quietly towards the stairs. Turning the door handle, I looked to my left to see a Sky Jumper uniform.

    “My old squad…” Havoc looked towards me as I spoke these words. Both anger and confusion were found in his voice.

    “You mean you’ve been here before?” Havoc took out his sidearm and stuck it to the bottom of my jaw, ready to fire.

    “Back down soldier,” my teeth were gritted together and I slowly reached for my blade.

    “You were, weren’t you!” aggressively, he slammed me against the wall, and I had to defend. Taking his elbow, I twisted it behind h is back, and twisted his wrist, so he let go of the gun.

    “To answer your question, yes I have been here, and to fill you in on something, your rank is too low to be able to get to the classified files, so I suggest you change your attitude towards me before I shove that gun up your a** and pull the trigger!” It enraged me that he thought that he could take control over me, just cause he was angry.

    “Yes...sir!” he was still angry as he spoke the word sir as if it was the most hated word he knew.

    I let him go and then looked down the hallway, I saw a sign that told me we were only 10 levels from reaching the bottom, but as my line of sight moved to the left, I coul see something much worse.

    Yellow eyes stared me down, and the lights started to flicker, I could feel a dark presence lurking towards us.

    “Havoc…don’t look, just run down those stairs and call HQ, we’re escaping out through the tunnels, and that’s final,” I slowly walked backwards and Havoc made the mistake of looking down the hallway, his eyes locked with the creatures.

    “Holy ********!” He yelled out in shock, and the creature roared back, shaking us both from the sound. “Run!” We turned and started to run down the stairs, the creature above, burst through the wall and tried to go through the stairs like Havoc and I were doing, but since he couldn’t, he just broke through them.

    Meanwhile Outside Heavy Base…

    “Sir, we can’t leave them inside th-..” Slinger was speaking, when he was cut off by an explosion, part of the base collapsed inside itself. Alpha squad looked at the incident in shock, “We have to go in now and get them out of there!”

    Sarge looked to Slinger, and held up his pistol, “either you take my orders or I put a bullet in that useless mind of yours,” no caring voice spoke out, it was a direct, serious tone, Cross-Bow and Panther looked to Sarge, unsure of what to do.

    “But Sarge, they need our hel-..” The gun went off, and Slinger fell to the ground, with a bullet hole through his head. Blood flowed down his forehead, and Sarge looked to the other soldiers, who were shocked at what just happened.

    “Any other rebels...here, ‘cause I don’t think you want to end up like this ungrateful ********,” he paced back and forth, never taking his eyes off of Cross-Bow and Panther.

    “Why are you doing this, Sarge, you know the code, Stick to the team, no one is left behind,” Panther took out his katana and walked up to Sarge. Ready to die, or kill, it didn’t matter he knew that this leader was corrupt.

    “Panther, I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” Cross-Bow slid out one of his hidden blades under his left wrist, and as Sarge lifted up his gun to fire, he threw it at his hand.

    The two soldiers were going to rebel, “You’re both dead!” Sarge grabbed his rifle, and fired towards the two, they both jumped opposite directions and then opened fire at Sarge, as he took cover behind a boulder.

    “Cross-Bow…I’ll open the gate for you, just promise to meet me there!” Panther hoped over the rock he was taking cover in and sprinted towards Sarge. His sword ready to kill, as he fired his pistol, he took a jump towards him.

    Firing rapidly, he hit Sarges right arm, and when he did, Sarge was aware of his presence, he stuck his rifle up and let the bayonet stab into Panthers body.

    It went right through him, and Panther took one last swing to try to kill Sarge. It was no use, he took his pistol and shot a bullet into Panther’s head.

    “No! You b*****d!” Cross-Bow aimed his rifle, and shot four bullets into Sarges left shoulder, then threw it to the ground, taking out his hunting blade, and ran towards Sarge.

    Looking towards the upcoming threat, Sarge aimed his pistol and fired, missing, he tried again, but couldn’t get it right, both his arms were injured and this caused his aim to lack.

    “s**t…” Cross-Bow was a meter away and he readied his blade to kill, when a spiked tail burst through the sands and stabbed him in the side, he looked to his right, to see the mouth of a mutant scorpion about to eat him. “Lucky son of a bit-...” Cross-Bow was gone, and so were Panther and Slinger, both killed at this base.

    The scorpion emerged from the red sands, and devoured Cross-Bows body completely. It looked at Sarge, as he reached for a grenade and threw it at the beast, it went under it and killed the monster instantly.

    Sarge looked to his fallen soldiers and the heat of the moment finally got to him, he fell onto the ground and passed out. Only thing he could remember was hearing another explosion and the ground crumbling.

    Meanwhile, Inside Heavy Base…

    My feet were ripping over each other, as we made a final run to the bottom of the base, to get to the emergency telephone. Looking up was a bad idea, as I could see the concrete crumbling and then hearing it break as we got down another level.

    It took us thirty seconds, as we could hear the screams of the creatures that lurked in the darkness, becoming aware of our presence.

    “Kick that door open!” I yelled at Havoc as he shoulder checked his way through the door. We ran through it, and closed the door behind us, barricading it so the creatures wouldn’t get to us as quickly.

    “Get to the phone and call them no” Havoc pushed against the barricade that they quickly made as Ghost ran into the main control room. Searching for the phone. He could hear the screeches of death that did approach them.

    Just as I found the phone a television monitor turned on, and the video it showed was revealing all the secrets.

    “I am professor William J Havabuck, and if you are watching this video, headquarters must have sent in a team to retrieve my data files. To your disappointment, they are currently lost somewhere in an unknown place another scientist must have taken them. It is believed that they are in North America, possibly at a different facility. But that is of no concern now, the experiments have already escaped and I myself am doomed to die soon.”

    The scientist on the video walked towards the telephone and then unplugged one of the wires, “If there is anything to ever happen, all you have to do in reconnect this wire, I do not want one of the experiments learning this secret, just in case their intelligence level increases.” I looked around the room, and saw the phone he was talking about. Walking up to it I reconnected the wire and was about to pick up the phone, when I heard screaming from the television.

    Turning, I could see the horror that was there, one of the experiments known as a Strangler, wrapped around Williams neck and tentacles came through his throat, as it slowly took over his body. It took over his body, and looked towards the camera, its eyes changed yellow and long blood colored tentacles slowly ripped through his shoulder and took over his right arm.

    I turned off the video and picked up the phone, it dialed and then someone picked up.

    “This is headquarters, is this Heavy Base, I am thinking the mission is a success?” the voice spoke through the phone, annoying, but relieving to know that someone was there.

    “Yeah you’d think that, look we need evac, now! The mission went horribly wrong, we currently have two KIA’s and the other squad is somewhere outside the facility.” Urgency was in my voice, but the man on the phone didn’t seem to really care.

    “The closest we can get to evac is an hour sir,” It sounded cool and collected, not panicked at all.

    “We don’t have an hour, we’ve got to go now!” yelling into the phone I could hear Havoc screaming at me, “I can’t hold this door any longer, their going to break through soon!”

    “Well I’m sorry, but currently all pilots are busy with other squads right now, an hour is all we ca-..” I clicked the off button and unplugged the phone.

    “What’s happening sir?” Havoc pushed the door closed once more and then ran towards me, his rifle at his side, and a cigar in his mouth.

    “We’re taking out this base, and everything in it. Hit the self-destruct button Havoc” I closed my eyes and grabbed my MA5C rifle, ready to die.

    “Sir with all due respect, that is just plain madness!” He refused to press the button, and I looked him right in the eye,

    “Would you rather doom your family to death, and kill the whole world, I didn’t think so,” since he wouldn’t press it, I guess I had to do it myself.

    “Self destruct in 5 minutes,” the computers voice told us, as Havoc grabbed my collar and started to shake me around, “There’s no stopping it, so just fight, and die!”

    “********, you’re a real a*****e Ghost, you know that?” Havoc walked to the door, and took cover behind a fallen desk.

    “Yeah I know, don’t remind me,” I started to walk towards him, when I heard a vicious cooing from behind me.

    “William?” I turned around and saw the scientist standing there, mutated and it tried to attack me. “Cover the door, I got this guy!”

    The scientist’s eyes glowed a blood red, as its hands tried to grip my throat. Not the greatest things to have happen at this moment. I grabbed one of his arms with my free hand, and broke it in one swift motion. The creatures face showed no sign of pain, just what I needed, something without the basic senses. Only hunger for blood, and nothing more, nothing less, just hunger.

    It only took me a quick jab of my knife, to end this zombie’s meaningless life, it pierced through the rotting flesh and punctured the brain. Good, no more threats from this damned creature now all I have to do, is protect the bomb that will kill me. Wait, that sounded a lot better in my head.

    Gripping my MA5C, it took me only a matter of seconds to execute three kills in one a short three burst firing speed. Then they started to flow in like spider’s, well actually they were spiders, the same ones that killed Inferno.

    “Dirty ********! This ones for my brother!” Havoc unloaded his gun on the creatures, screaming out his battle cry, throwing grenades and watching as the blood painted the walls. Blood panted walls of splattered guts, and legs of vicious creatures. Their cries being unheard from the sounds of the bullets, but the smell of their blood is looked upon.

    The ground started to shake as rocks fell from the ceiling, crushing the desks, leaving their jagged metal pointing upwards in the air. Then it appeared, the same monster that chased them down into the core of the base. It’s thunderous roar knocking me off balance as I struggled to reload my weapon.

    “Havoc finish off those spiders at the door, I’ll deal with angry mommy here!” I commented on the creature’s attitude and took out my Desert Eagles.

    “Ghost watch out!” Havoc tried to shoot, but he couldn’t make a quick enough aim. So I slid my guns between my arms and shot backwards into the creatures chest. It exploded and the blood rained onto the cement. What a mess.

    Analyzing the room, or what was left of it, I spotted a rocket launcher behind the creature. It was known as the Bio-Hazard, and it was time to eliminate this son of a b***h. I took my only chance and sprinted towards my only hope. Havoc threw three more grenades and collapsed debris to block the door.

    “I’m coming!” Havoc got up from his knees and started to fire at the Bio-Hazard’s eyes. Hitting the target every two shots, it attracted the monsters attention, and swung down at Havoc. He barely evaded the attack, as he rolled to the side. A crater emerged from where he once was only seconds ago.

    I leaped over a small desk and slid under another, carefully avoiding any contact with the Bio-Hazard, as its feet crushed down around him. Aiming both my pistols at its underbelly as I made my last jump and rearranged myself in mid air, shooting rapidly while blood hit the ground.

    “Kill it already Ghost!” Havoc jumped off some fallen rocks and whipped out his hunting blade. Stabbing it into the Bio-Hazard’s arm, he climbed upwards and started to shoot into the side of its face. The creature tried swinging its arms repeatedly, and trying to get Havoc off its back, all efforts failing miserably.

    Finally getting to the rocket launcher I started to aim carefully at where to shoot. I could hear the countdown timer going, and only 45 seconds were left. Just as I was about to fire, I saw Havoc digging his knife into the Bio Hazards back. Ripping off a piece of skin, leaving a weak spot for me to aim at, but as he was about to jump off, the creature gripped him by the stomach, and the blood splattered across the air.

    It killed Havoc. Somehow it killed him, and I just watched as it started to throw Havoc’s body aside. My instincts took over and I chased after it, while it flew in midair. Examining closer while running I saw no wounds on Havoc, he was laughing, then I got it, Havoc shot one of his guns while the Bio Hazard was holding onto him.

    “Good job Havoc!” I stopped running and gave him a gesture of congratulations. But when it looked like it was all good, the Bio Hazard slammed one hand onto Havoc and sent him plummeting into the jagged edges of the desks. Okay, now Havoc was dying, the blood was clear, and he coughed up more blood as he tried to pull himself up.

    “Havoc! You b*****d!” I turned to the Bio Hazard and blasted the rocket at its weak spot, instantly dropping the rocket launcher, I ran to help Havoc off the spikes that stabbed him. Just as I got him out, the explosions began. Covering Havoc with my body, I could hear the countdown finishing.

    “10…9…8…-“ it was the same tone for every second, it didn’t care that we were about to die.

    “Havoc, I’m so sorry, forgive me my friend…” I looked him in the eyes, a single tear strolling down my cheek. I saw my friends die today, and now one was dying in my arms.

    “6…5…4…-“ still counting, never stopping for anything, life as it is known will soon end.

    “I can never forgive you, but I can thank you for keeping me beside you…” Havoc closed his eyes, “…little b*****d…you…” And just like that he was dead.

    “Good bye…my friend…” One more tear for my own life, the other for my friends, this is the end.

    “…2…1…0” A green flash went off, and then the fire came, I closed my eyes and darkness took over, the inevitable end of the world. Farewell to you all, farewell to the world.

    Two Days Later, The Aftermath Of The Storm…

    Sarge looked onto what was once Heavy Base, the giant crater deep in the Earths soil. What happened here? Was the only question that kept on going through Sarge’s mind. But the only answer he could come up with was Delta Squads Mission Success.

    “I’m sorry my soldiers, but this was your end…” a tiny movement in the rubble, and a curious spider creature came burrowing out. It looked at Sarge and then tried to pounce to kill. Sarge just shot the creature quickly with his sidearm. It wretched death cry, echoing in the distance, as Sarge examined the body of the creature.

    A moment of silence passed then another cry was heard. It rumbled the Earth, and Sarge fell down, his face first into the red sand. As he got up he met eye to eye with the Bio Hazard, it stared viciously into Sarges eyes and then snapped, instantly killing him. It’s eyes looking onto the endless Atlantic Ocean. It was at that moment that it was known, the end of the world was near, and now there’s everything to fear, who will save the world? The Bio Hazard entered the water and began its journey to conquer North America.

    The End.