• "A rose for you my love, my life." proclaimed the poet from under the window
    "What color be it?" said the beutiful maiden locked in the tower
    "Any color you wish it to be it will be!" replied the handsome poet
    "No,no you must chose the color for it represents our love!"called down the maiden
    the poet thought,and thought and gave this reply...
    "It is red for our passion,
    Pink for our love,
    Black for the secrets we share.
    Yellow for our joy,
    Blue for our despair,
    and it is golden like the hair on the child you will bear."
    The maiden smiled, and laughed.
    "I think it goes more like this...
    Black for our sorrow and sadness,
    Red for the blood that will be split,
    Pink for our sweet kisses,
    Yellow for our happiness with our sweet child.
    Blue for the tears that will run down my face,
    when no one but us has survived.
    Our child,sweet child shall rise no more.
    for this reason i shall not marry you, dear poet, but i shall name this child,this golden haired angel, the name we share. I will think of you each time I see her, and love you forever, even if just faintly in my heart. .
    Her name shall be Rosaline, a rose among daises."
    "But if it be a boy?" questioned the poet
    "It shall not, for a sweet golden haired girl that shall be named Rosaline shall be the only thing that comes form my bosom."
    6 Years Later
    "Rosaline,sweet Rosaline with your golden hair, venture back into the house!" called the old maiden.
    "But mother,sweet mother, the sun has not yet set, and dear farther is not back!"
    "Farther will be late again tonight,sweet Rosaline! So come back into the house!"
    "Yes,mother! " said Rosaline sad for a moment then her face lit up again,
    "Mother, for bed will you tell me the story of the poet? My real father? Please?" begged Rosaline
    "There once was a fair maiden,who was loved by a poet..."
    The End