• Chapter 1 - Part 2

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    She’s going to be coming down stairs any moment. I can’t let her see my clothes like this. I’m so disoriented. I can’t tell what is going on. Please make it go away. I can’t cope to see the one I love so lifeless and bleak.

    Oh god, I can’t hold off. It’s in so far. Do I dare pull it out? It’s clotted. It’s clotted. The blood’s so dry, as if the blade has become one with her. A sick reminder of how ungrateful I am… I miss her smile… Oh what I would do to take it all away. Why Silvia! Why didn’t I listen to you? I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!

    I can Rebecca’s footsteps moving across her room. Of all days, why did she have to not stay in bed? No more, I can’t procrastinate. Oh dear lord please—what am I saying? I am nothing to him. I’m a sickened man. I’m a man whose deserves to die. Quiet! Ok, ok, on the count of three. Oh forgive me.


    I can hear her getting changed upstairs.


    Damn it man! Don’t look at her eyes! Just do it! Pull it out!


    Damn it! Damn it! Why can’t I do it?

    I’ll leave it in. I have to leave it in. I can’t take it out! I just can’t! I’m so sorry! Oh I’m so sorry! There’s no more time! I have to hide the body! Body…

    It’s hard to believe it. Just a few hours ago she was so full of life, and now, she’s just a body—just a body mocking me. The body’s laughing at me. It wants me to go to hell. Stop looking into its eyes! She’s not there anymore. It’s just a body! The closet’s right there! Get rid of the body and run away! Run away to where no one will ever find out! No one will know! No one needs to know!

    Ok just grab the legs... They feel so cold... Ok now just pull her to the doors. Oh god its trailing blood. Stop looking at it! Just pull it! Ok just a few more feet! Pull it just a few more feet! The doors are just in arms reach. I can feel the handle. Alright…

    It’s gone. It’s finally gone. Finally I can breath. Oh Rebecca, I’m so sorry. What am I to do now? She’ll be done soon. I can hear her coming done the steps now. The steps? Oh my god! The floor! She’s calling for me! Rebecca’s calling for me! What time is it? My arms are covered in blood! She’s late for the bus! I have a chance! But the blood! I must hide the blood!


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