• ACT 3

    *on the rooftop after school*

    Sakura: wow, new kid is cute

    Kerie: he is a bit, what do you think bain?

    Bain: huh? what do you care?

    Sakura: you like him dont ya'?

    Bain: dream on

    *Aisu appears through the exit to the roof*

    Aisu: oh i never knew anyone was up here

    Sakura: hey what are you doin up here so late?

    Aisu: i er.....well, i like heights, so i wanted to see what the roof was like before i came here for lunch

    Kerie: you'll like it up here, we eat here at lunch dont we bain?

    Bain: yeah sometimes

    Aisu: oh your the girl i sit behind in class arent you?

    Bain: (dammit why do people think im a girl.......i have got to get out of here) i have t go buy something from the shop kerie

    Kerie: oh can i come with you we hardly spend time together, would you like to come aisu? we could show you the shopping centre in town

    Aisu: that would be lovely kerie thank you

    *some time later at the shoping centre*

    Kerie: so what do we need to get?

    Bain:....uhh a new watch?

    Kerie: oohhh yay we get to go to the jewlery store, ohh please brother can you get me a knecklace?

    Bain: uhhh sure, whater one you like

    Aisu: i may need a watch aswell, that clock tower in town doesnt seem to move

    Bain: yeah that thing has been broken for thrity years

    Kerie: oohhh bain look at this ring!, it matches your uniform and all your clothes

    bain: well that sure does look good

    Aisu: and it looks cute too

    * a masked man enters the jewlers wielding a gun*

    Robber: this is a bust!

    Shop clerk: please dont shoot there are children here!

    Aisu: sir i would recomend you leave now

    Robber : shutup kid, NOW OPENT THE TILL

    Aisu: if not leave then drop your weapon and surrender

    Robber: I SAID SHUT IT YOU BRAT !!!!!
    *the robber raises his arm to strike at aisu but aisu with a blink of an eye has grabbed hold of the robber's arm*

    Robber: wha?

    Aisu: and now, you'll pay

    *aisu delivers several punches to the robbers face knocking the man back and knocked out*

    Kerie: wow that was amazing aisu

    Aisu: thank you kirie

    Kirie: Bain? bain whats wrong why are you still looking at watches?

    Bain: his gun was fake, a water pistol, he couldnt rob us with a water pistol.....how much is tt brown leather one?

    Shop clerk: so you knew he wouldn't rob us?

    Aisu: very cleaver

    Bain: i'll be that watch the ring, and these knecklaces

    Kerie: is the other knecklace for natalia?

    Bain: you betcha

    Aisu: who is natalia? if you dont mind me asking

    Kerie: natalia i bains oldest friend

    *bain puts the knecklace around her younger sisters kneck*

    Bain: there....oh that right i need a matching one for karia

    Kerie: oh no twin sis

    Bain: now what was her favourite animal?.....ah here we go these two please and can you take this one back

    Shop clerk: sure thats a very expensive choice, are you sure you dont want another selection?

    Bain: yeah, i can atleast do this

    Kerie:*whispers to aisu* bain hates it when i say this but im sure he has a crush on Natalia

    Aisu: oh, hehe...i wont say a thing so you wont get in trouble

    *back at the hellson manor*

    Kerie: WE'RE BACK, bain got me and twin sis matching knecklaces

    Yuki: ohhh thats adorable two butterflies, karia will love that very much, nice choice bain....oh? who's our geust?

    Aisu: greetings my name is Aisu Youkaii

    Yuki: im Yuki, hey you have the same school uniform as me and bain, yay you go to the same school as us

    Aisu: uhhh yes ahehe, well i think i better be off now

    Kerie: oh so soon? wont you stay for dinner?

    Yuki: you can have Bain's seat, because Bain doesn't stay here for dinner

    Aisu: uhh sure, i didnt have plans tonight anyway so i geuss i can stay

    Sakido: who's this bainy?

    Bain: stop calling me "bainy" this is Aisu, he's new at our school and Kerie invited him to dinner

    Sakido: welcome aisu, and may i say you have an interesting name

    Aisu: uhm...thank you

    Sakido: so Aisu where do you live?

    *sakido walks toward the dining room, Yuki, Kerie and Aisu all follow*

    Aisu: well thats the thing, i dont have a house here yet

    Yuki: huh no house? where would you sleep?

    Aisu: uhhh well i was gonna get a hotel room

    Sakido: oh no you dont wanna do that these hotels will suck you for your last penny, nono you can stay in one of our five spare bedrooms

    *96 other sisters appear*

    96 sisters: welcome to our home

    Aisu: wow, that was fast how did they all know?

    Sakido: family secret

    Aisu: i didnt even say yes yet, but such hospitality it'd be rude if i gave it up

    Bain: great you get settled in- im outa here! *exits through front door*

    Aisu:.....huh, so that is bain

    Sakido: aisu you clearly dont have any other clothes do you?

    *Aisu blushes*

    Aisu: well....no, i thought i'd buy some after school but i totally forgot

    Sakido: Yuki: take aisu up to bains room and get him some of daddy's old clothes ok?

    Yuki: ok big sis, come on

    *yuki grabs Aisu's arm and pulls him along to bains room*

    *meanwhile at town square*

    Bain: awesome my sisters have that guy and soon they wont need me and i can leave this island once and for-.....wait, where did i put my? AHHHHH NATALIA'S LETTER IS BACK IN MY ROOM!!
    i gotta get it quick!

    *bain runs back toward his home still many miles away*

    *back at home*

    Yuki: nope, nnnooope, nuhuh.....hmmmm what did daddy use to have that looked good?

    Aisu: no seriously i cant take clothing the room and food are wonderful but i can fend for my own

    Yuki: oh calm down, it's only clothes and anyway they are dads kid clothes, we never saw him in them and - OHHHHHH this'll go great with your eyes!

    *Yuki pulls out a blue heartbreaker shirt from the wardrobe*

    Aisu: oh wow, that does look nice

    Yuki: there, that was easy.....now what has bain been up to?
    *Yuki looks through bains desk*

    oh this letter ..its from Natalia

    Aisu: bain's old friend?

    Yuki: its got a picture inside

    Aisu: Yuki maybe you shouldnt look through other peoples stuff

    *Yuki ignores aisu and looks at the picture with the letter and is struck with shock*

    Yuki: oh ......poor brother

    Aisu: what is it?


    Aisu: what is with this family?