• chapter one: new year

    "Happy new year!" I heard everyone in my house yell. We were having a party. New years. yay. I sighed I heard a tap at my third story window, Demitris' here I thought to myself. I sighed opened my window and opened it cautiously- trying not to fall out of my window, even though Demitri would catch me. I loved him so much, he was the apple of my eye, the chesse to my macoroni you know all of that mushy stuff, but it didn't sound mushy...because it was true. "you can come up." I whispered into the dark, two story fall.... don't fall don't fall! I said to myself. He climbed up my tree with ease he reminded me of a bird swooping through the brezze, His glourious face shined at me in the moonlight. I backed up so he could hop through the window... like every other night before he'd go on patrol... for vampires... I did hate it when he refered to vampires with such purogatory names... the only reason I was offended was because my 14 year old sister Tresure was changed into a vampire and still wrote me letters about her wonderfull, exciting travels across the world. I recived one today but I hadn't opened it yet. I would wait until Demitri left. He jumped in making no noise at all. He sighed and smiled. "Hi." He said breathless. "Hey." I said hugging him, He laughed, "Miss me much?" I rolled my eyes and laughed too. "Yeah I geuss." I said with a smile. He kissed the top of my head. I looked up. He chukled and smiled his white smile, "You look pretty I've never seen you with make up on." I laughed "Thank you." He smiled and cradled his hands around my face... rubbing my cheek lightly. "You know what though?" I looked up. "What?" he smiled and kissed my lips softly. "I think you look pretty with the make up, but without the make up... you are a goddess." I smiled "Thank you hon. But you're more of god then a normal person, and I'm not lying when I say this." He frowned. "But I'm not a god of beauty, or a normal person, I'm a monster." I took his face in my hands. " I dont care what you are all I care is that you love me and I love you I dont want to hear you say that anymore. okay? I love you Demitri." He sighed and kissed me softly again. "You're right, I'm sorry I upset you. Ilove you too Adrianna." He kissed me again. Before he noticed it was 2 o'clock a.m. he swiftly kissed me one more time and left.