• I watched as the puddle of blood grew bigger and bigger with each second that passed. "another one gone.." I mumbled to myself as I walked away, not thinking of trying to save him.

    It's always been like this, how I'm just beeing myself one second and waking up next to blood soaked innocence the next. I walked further on, head down and feeling the way I alwasy did. I never looked back, never wanting to be haunted by more then I already am.

    I just walked on..Never watching to where I was going,just always walking.
    No going back I always thought about it that way. When I lifted my head again, for the fisrt time in day,maybe weeks, I found myself in a forest of some kind.

    I dropped,back against a tree.I thought about all that's happened, and began to cry. I felt empty,but I knew why i was crying.