• Kirby jumped up onto one of the counters in the kitchen. None of the Waddle Dees were there so he was going threw the cabinets eating whatever he could find. He’d gone threw most of them already and had run out of sweet
    things to eat. Suddenly he got really happy. He had spotted a box of cake mix.
    A vanilla cake mix no less. The picture on the box reminded him of strawberry short cake he loved to eat.

    As he daydreamed about all the times he had eaten cake before, and how delicious it was. He sat there dreaming of delicious cake for a few minutes. Kirby’s thought process got back on track again and he shook his head of the daydreams. He grabbed the box of mix and hopped off the counter. He walked down the hall carrying the box above his head.

    “Poyo poyo poy poy poyo yo!” Kirby sang happily.

    He jumped happily at Fumu’s room and set the box down to open the door. He looked around and no one was there. So he checked the other rooms. No one. Kirby ran out of the room, into the hall, grabbed his cake mix, and searched.
    He ran down all the halls. Opened every door. Looked threw every room. Even searched in the cookie jar. Kirby couldn’t find anyone. He was getting very sad. So he slowed his running pace to a walk. Head down, he sat down at the fountain.

    “Poyo” Kirby sighed in defeat. He hadn’t been able to find anyone in the castle at all. He had even left his cake mix somewhere along the way.

    “Kirby? What are you doing here?”

    “Poyo?” Kirby lifted his head up.

    Before him stood Meta Knight. “You shouldn’t be here by yourself. It doesn’t suit you.”

    Kirby sadly looked down at the grass. “Poy, poyo.”

    “Come with me Kirby.” Meta Knight said and started walking away.

    Kirby watched him walk away. Meta Knight turned around and looked at
    Kirby. “Coming?”

    Kirby slid off the fountain and ran over to Meta Knight. They walked together in silence. They stopped at Meta Knight’s room. Meta Knight opened the door, but when Kirby tried to come in Meta Knight put his hand up. “Wait here.”

    Kirby sat down in front of the door. He heard something on the other side and leaned forward to try and get a better listen. Meta Knight opened the door, scaring Kirby into sitting up straight again. He put his hand out and Kirby put out his. Meta Knight dropped a piece of candy into Kirby’s little hands.

    Kirby smiled and ate the candy. Meta Knight rubbed Kirby’s head and his eyes turned pink.