• The wind blew the leaves in a dance around the dusty road. A figure could be seen coming down the street. The wind riped at the black cloak that was tightly secure around them. In a quick gust their hood was thrown back their long black hair being blown behind them. It was a young girl by the looks of her face. Her name is Keiko. Her appearance was quiet strange for a young girl though. Red eyes shone brightly compared to her pale white colored skin. Her expression kept a sad, distant look. Nothing seemed out of place on her except for one major thing, She was part cat demon. Black cat ears rested ontop of her head, a black tail was consealed in her trench coat.

    In her land being a demon was the greatest sin to the human race. They believed that a demon should not be let to live. So by order of the king, a group of people known as the 'Royal Demon Slayers', were sent to kill demons.
    That's what happened to this teenage demon's mother. She promised her mother in her last hours that she would find a place where demons and humans could finally live in peace.
    Her lips parted and the word flew out just like the wind that fought against her.

    "I promise you, I will find such a place."