• -Come on! Invite me over! I wanna see your house! We could do homework together too!

    Marina had said that every day for three weeks. Elena's resistance finally broke.

    -*sigh* Okaaay, Marina. Just 'cause dad works 'till late today.

    Marina squealed and hugged Elena.

    -OMG thanks! You won't regret it! - Marina used her "girl scout" smile.


    The girls were sitting on Elena's room floor. Marina was munching on a big toast with butter and cherry jam. Elena put hers on a plate and searched on the depths of her backpack.

    -Let's start with geography, mkay?

    Marina just smiled mysteriously. Then she searched on her backpack too, but instead of taking notebooks out, like Elena, she took out a lipstick tube. Elena couldn't help but look at her wicked smile.

    -Whatcha doin'? - She said, opening her eyes widely.

    -Imma put some of this on you~- Marina's smile got sweeter and wider.

    Elena shook her head from side to side.

    -B...b...but homework! - pouted Elena.

    Too late. Marina was already pointing the lipstick at her.

    -Shh! don’t talk! If you move your lips, it's gonna paint on the wrong places!

    When Marina was done painting Elena's lips, she took a close look to examine her work. She nodded, satisfied with it. But suddenly her smile vanished.

    -Oh, no! You got some above the lip!

    Elena opened her eyes widely (yes, again) and said:


    -Wait, I think its cherry jam- replied Marina, getting closer- or a crumb. Or butter, maybe.

    -Where, where? - asked Elena while attempting to find the imperfection with her finger.

    Marina kept getting closer and closer. Elena could feel her breath.


    Marina was closer.





    And Marina pressed her lips against Elena's. A couple of seconds later, Elena was still sitting there, on the floor, blushing violently and with her eyes opened wider than ever. Marina smiled kindly, showing her pearly white teeth. Then she grabbed her backpack, took out a little mirror, tossed it near Elena, closed her backpack, jumped out of the window and ran down the street, followed by her musical laughter.

    Elena caught her breath back. She took the mirror and looked at her lips. There were no crumbs, no butter, and no jam. Her lips were perfectly colored, like those women on magazine covers.