• Chapter 7: Zolo and I sing

    "Zolo," I poked Zolo. He was on deck, sleeping against the rail. Zolo didn't move. "ZOLO!" I shouted into his ear while poking him. The green-haired swordsman was so startled, he fell overboard. I laughed.

    "Kira, I'm gonna kill you!" Zolo chased me.

    "SANJI-KUN!" I yelled. "I HAVE A GREEN-HAIRED IDIOT CHASING ME! I NEED YOU!" Nami and Robin were laughing along with Usopp, Chopper, and Luffy.

    Sanji ran out of the kitchen. "SWORD BOY!"

    I ran and hugged him. "My hero has returned!" Sanji grinned.

    "Stop hiding behind him!" Zolo yelled.

    "Ok," I hid behind Robin's chair. "That better? I'm hiding behind a her, now!"

    Zolo groaned. I followed Sanji into the kitchen to talk. "Why do you like annoying Zolo so much? Is it cuz you love him?" Sanji smiled, washing a knife.

    I took a seat and laughed. "No, it's just fun. Anyway, I LUVS YOU! You should be able to tell!"

    Sanji laughed. I turned my head to one side, trying to get my brown hair to fall over my eye. "What are you doing?"

    "Tryin' to be like you," I said. "Your hairstyle is too hard! I can't get it to stay!" I shook my head furiously.

    Sanji set down his dish and walked over to me. "Here, let me help." He gently played with my hair until he got it to fall over my eye.

    "Domo arigoto, Sanji-kun."I replied.

    Sanji smiled, "Why would you want hair over your nice beautiful brown eyes?

    "Sanji, why are you so kind?" I hugged him. "I like hugging you!"

    Sanji chuckled, "I'm flattered. Being kind is a lot better than being mean."

    I nodded. "Sanji,"


    "Would you tell me about the Great Blue?"

    "Of course!" Sanji told me everything about it. I was happy I had asked because Sanji looked like me in a chocolate shop. I loved his smile as he told me of all the great recipes he could make.

    "Sanji, I beileve it's real! And I'll help you find it!" I said.

    Sanji hugged me. "Why do you love me so much?"

    "I love how you outwitted Crocodile in Alabasta and destroyed Eneru's ship!" I exclaimed.

    Sanji chuckled. "So you love how I work behind the scenes."

    "Yes! I also love how you protect Nami." I said. On deck, I turned on a TV and put Mulan in the VCR. "I'll make a man out of you" played.

    "Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns!" Zolo and I both started singing. We looked at each other, but kept singing (won't bore you with the lyrics).

    At the end, the crew clapped. "Wow Kira, that was good." Zolo said.

    "Not too bad yourself, Fungus Man." I told Zolo.

    "Let's have karaoke!!" Luffy shouted. We all agreed.