• By: Luis Quinones

    Naruto the Next Generation
    After the great wars of the nations the destruction ended with the death of akatsuki only leaving zetsu alive, and itachi brought back from the great sakura haruno medical jutsu, but dyeing at the age of 72. And the great battle of 6th hokage Naruto shippuden and rouge ninja sasuke uchiha ending with the death of sasuke uchiha. Fourteen generations of hokages have passed by and Kohonagakure has thrived with the rest of the world to live prosperity, or so they thought.
    “Wake up shinji!” Screamed shinjis father with aggravated look, as he poured raw eggs into the sizzling frying pan.
    “I’m coming hold on” said shinji as he struggled to get his shirt unloose from his head. When accomplished he ran down stairs with an eager look grinning ear to ear.
    “So ready for your big day at ninja academy I heard they are going to exchange distant land shinobi for squad placement”, eagerly shinjis father said.
    “Sorry bye” screamed shinji stuffing a piece of bacon in his mouth as he ran.
    When shinji got near the park he saw his friend Hiroyuki waya sitting under a tree eating a snickers bar

    Shinji noticed him as chocolate crumbs ran down hiroyuki’s mouth. So he ran to hiroyuki and threw and shuriken at him. Hiro reacted by dropping his snickers bar and caught the weapon with index and middle finger. After hiro caught the shuriken he gasped as his snickers bar hit the grass.
    “Why you son of a”, hiro yelled as he punched shinji clear across his face, shinji went flying 10 feet.
    “Ouch what did I do”, shinji pleaded.
    “Oh nothing you just threw a sharp object at my face when I wasn’t looking”. Hiro sarcastically replied.
    “Well sorry I just whatever, so what village are you going to for squad placement” shinji wondered.
    “Oh yeah here, the mailman accidently gave us your squad placement letter”. Hiro handed shinji the orange package. When shinji ripped it open he read who his teammates were (Akemi Mazuki, and the other could not be seen due to a smudge on the name.
    “Dude why is there a stain on this name now ill never know who’s my teammate,” shinji argued.
    “Well funny thing happened I was eating a jelly donut and it spilled on the paper…. Uh you’re not mad are you, it was just a …uh ill shut up now”, hiro replied.
    “Yes do that please” shinji stated. “Well anyways this akemi girl is from the rock village, and rivals most of her students in taijutsu, even against the guys”. Shinji look stoked from what he read
    As they walked down the smooth path they continued to talk about the squad placements when they entered the school. Only to find the place swarming with foreigner academy students from different countries and village mingling with the some leaf academy students and getting to know each other. When chunin master ryo walks into the room
    “Now students before we get to the squad placement I want you all to practice your hand signs” he said as he handed out an instructional paper.

    “Okay students settle down now, we will read out the squad placement results” ryo yelled as he shuffled through the papers to find the result. “Here it is”, he read out the names out loud, while the foreign kids walked into the classroom finding their new teammates.
    “And now for shinji Inouye, your teammates are Akemi Mazuki and Hoshin Yamazaki”. At the door stood akemi a girl with a black dress, she had bluish black hair and red eyes that pierced a look at shinji.

    “Yo shinji look at her checking you out”, hiro annoying said

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