• ~~Prologe~~

    My thoughts are inchoerent as I stare into the face of the boy I have given my life to. He smiles down with a smile that makes my heart ache with a love that is ages old.

    Chapter 1

    He reaches down and touches my brused and bloody face, and pain flees from his touch making my face heal. His hand travels to my broken leg mending it with only a touch as he picks me up bridal style. People stare as he walks with me but they make no move toward this beautiful creature who holds me, an average looking girl with blue-white hair, tight unwilling to put me down. His voice is soft as silk as he whispers in my ear, "Nothing shall ever harm you, no pain shall touch you as long as I love you."
    He wipes away the tears from my eyes with his firey kisses because his passion is so deep rooted in his very soul that it burns my skin.
    My voice is muted but full of tears, " How can you love someone you do not even know ? I do not even know your name." He stares at me for a moment then speaks again his sweet breath fanning my face, " I am your angel. I am Brycen. "

    It has been about three weeks since Brycen had found me lying outside in a dark ally with broken bones and blood running through the blue-white hair I'd been born with. Where ever I went he followed but always discreat about it. He even took up at my school dropping a grade so we would be together. He didn't seem to mind repeating the grade though, he was always pleased when we were together. And secretly I was too. You don't know much about me though. I stand about 5'6-5'8 and my eyes are like mirrors they reflect all colours, natural and unnatural. As you've found out I have unnaturally coloured hair as well so I'm always getting bullied.

    That is how I ended up with broken and bloody the first time I met Brycen. When he showed up in homeroom the next day to find me cornered in the back of the class with the male students crowed around me a bruse already forming on my cheek he came to my aid in an instant. His form was different then the one I remembered from the night before. I cowered deeper into the corner when I saw his shadow thinking I was in for more pain. Yet everyone parted when he moved as though they thought he would help to harm me. But he just moved in front of me blocking their paths to get to me. His voice was deep, almost threatening, when he spoke, " You are cowards for picking on a girl. If you ever lay a finger upon her again you will be with out a hand. " I could feel their eyes upon him as they sized him up as though to attack him. A soft whimper escaped my lips and he turned his back on them his face so converned I felt my heart throb. " I promised you, Fall, no one will hurt you again. " He reached across the small space with one hand. His palm was the size of my cheek rouchly and where it touched the pain and bruses went away. His words and gentle touch made me feel strong and safe. That was our first real day together.