• After band I really didn't want to go back home. I wanted to find out more. I felt like a detective trying to sort things out. I took my phone out and dialed home,"Hello?" My dads deep voice answered. "Hey dad!" I answered back.
    "Um... I was wondering if I can stay after today." I looked around and saw the doctor walking out of the band room. He was looking at me like he heard what I was saying.
    "Why?" he said as I put my attention back to the conversation on the phone.
    "Ton of homework to do." I answered. It was true, I did have a lot of homework.
    "Hold on, let me ask your mom."
    I waited for a few minuets. He had to get on his computer, send a e-mail to moms work, and then get an answer...and so on.
    "She said sure, as long as you get your homework done." he finally answered.
    "Um...okay dad, tell her I said thanks."
    "What time do we have to pick you up at the bus stop. There is a late bus right?"
    "Yeah dad, and around 6:30 I think."
    "Okay, I'll be there."
    "Okay dad, bye."
    "Bye." I hung up my cell phone and put it back in my pocket. I walked towards the library. It was 2:55 now and the late buses leave at 5:30. I can at least get a little homework done, then I can go into detective mode.
    I walked up to the big red door of the library. The room was quiet as always. I walked to the shelf with the text books. The librarian and a women were talking and I couldn't help but overhear,"... it appeared last night am I correct?" the woman asked the librarian. This woman was tall, slim maybe in the mid-forties or early fifties. Had a similar accent of the doctors. She was holding a note pad as if she was taking notes.
    "Yes, after school yesterday." the librarian answered.
    "...and it was locked?" the woman asked. I took a math book and sat at the nearby table. The librarian nodded. I looked at them through the corner of my eye.
    "All right," the woman said, "Thank you for your time Mrs. Larman."
    "Not a problem Ms. Smith." Ms. Smith walked towards the door and looked toward some chairs in the middle of the room,"Luke?" she asked.
    "Yes mum?" Said a young voice from the area. I didn't even see him until he spoke up. He had an accent similar to the other two. "I'll be back, you stay here for a bit all right?"
    "Yes mum." The woman walked out. I looked at the boy sitting in a chair across the room. He had short, brown hair and was slim. I wanted to go talk to him, but I had math to do, and with my current grade in it I should be anyway.
    30 minuets went by and I was stuck on one problem. Math is NOT my strongest subject...no way. "Are you having trouble?" The boys voice asked. I looked up and he was looking at me from across the room.
    "Yeah," I answered as he set his book down and began to walk towards me,"...math is not my highest point." He sat down in the chair next to me and looked at my book,"Oh simple." he said
    "Wow, that makes me feel smart." I said sarcastically.
    "Sorry..." he said,"bad habit of mine."
    So he explained to me how to do the problem and then helped me with others. 30 minuets after that this girl ran through the door and ran towards us,"Luke!" she exclaimed. She stopped at the table,"...Sarah Jane needs...us!" She looked down at me,"Who might you be?" she asked me holding out her hand for a shake. She was out of breath.
    "I'm Cerridwen." I answered shaking her hand.
    "Nice to meet you, I'm Maria...," she let go of my hand and turned all serious again,"...Luke, we have got to go." Luke stood up,"Good luck on your math." he told me and they walked off...more like ran off. I thought for a minuet, I had almost 2 and a half hours left, yeah I'll go. I got up and put my stuff away and off I went