• Lalune: The Journey Never Ends Chapter 1

    Mel felt stupid for going to the forest so he returned.
    Kei was glad her good friend was back. Her and her daughter said hi as he passed by.

    He saw a young girl about his agge sitting next to a tree and crying. He realized it was his ex Zhadda. "What's wrong?" he asked feeling badd for her.
    "My boyfriend Lekko moved!" "Oh im sorry." "I was staying at his apartment but somebody sold it out!"

    "Maybe you can stay with me tonight ?" he offered. "Oh thank you so much!" 3nodding The next morning Zhadda woke up early. "Oh you are the best boyfriend," she said. "What are you talking about?" "You know what im talking about,"she replied. Meldan reached for the door but Zhadda stopped him. "Not so fast," said Zhadda. She was dressed in a mini skirt and fishnet tights. Eyeshadow and makeup on her lips. She reached toward him and tried to kiss him but he pulled away he rushed out the door of his room and went to Kei. There was no way that sleezy slob would get her hands on him. eek

    "You dont know what ive been through !" he wheezed.

    "What's wrong?" asked Kei.