• That was so fun!” Selphie exclaimed after their Karaoke game.

    “It was soo obvious Roxas and Naminé were gonna win though!” Tidus grinned at the two blondes.

    “Shut up!” Roxas blushed as he punched him in the arm.

    “Ugh! I can’t wait anymore, let’s open presents!” Hayner complained as he pointed at the Christmas tree.

    “Sure!” Kairi agreed. She and Sora went up towards the tree and handed everyone their ever so colorful presents.

    “Here Sora, your gift!” Hayner handed Sora the gift because he forgot to put in under the tree.

    “Thanks Hayner!” Sora unwrapped the gift and stared at it, “What am I gonna do with it though?” Sora raised an eyebrow as he stared at the box which contained cologne.

    “So you can show Kairi some of your good stuff of course!” Hayner grinned.

    “Hey, what kind of good stuff?” Sora just stared at his friends in shock not wanting to know the truth.

    “Hehe, you know what I mean!” Hayner joked.

    On the other side with Kairi…

    “Ooh, let’s see what I got!" Kairi smiled. She picked up an envelope that had in print, ‘To: Kairi Fr: Tidus.’ When the auburn haired girl pulled out what it contained she glared at it. It was a white card that had a cartoon Santa Clause on it saying ‘Merry Christmas!’

    “Umm…Tidus,” Kairi’s eye twitched at the inconsiderate gift, “didn’t you listen to the rules, the gift has to be twenty munny minimum!”

    “Oh really, here then,” Tidus just handed her a twenty munny bill before going back to talk to Wakka.

    Kairi just continued to glare at the ignorant blonde boy until she felt a tap on her shoulder, “Huh?” She turned around to see a familiar brunette boy, “Hey Sora!”

    “Hi Kairi, umm…” Sora began to blush, “umm…this is for you,” he pulled out a small pink box with a white ribbon tied around it.

    Kairi opened the small gift and gasped, “Aww…Sora, you shouldn’t have!” she gave a hug in thanks that made him melt inside.

    The gift was a silver necklace that had a small pink heart-shaped crystal pendant.

    “I also have a gift for you!” Kairi also pulled out a small box wrapped in shiny red paper.

    Sora quickly tore up the wrapping paper and opened the box to find a shiny silver crown chain. On the back of the chain was Sora’s name engraved and below it in smaller font was ‘from Kairi.’

    Sora stared in awe, “How much did this cost?”

    “Believe me you wouldn’t want to know!” she laughed, “Hey look up there!”

    “Look up where?”

    Kairi pulled something out of her pocket and grinned, “Mistletoe!” she kissed Sora playfully on the lips, “Thanks again for the gift Sora!”

    “You’re welcome!” Sora smiled back as he pulled her in for another kiss.

    On the other side of the room everyone was sitting on the couch opening their gifts.

    “Cool, Kairi got me a fifty munny certificate to the music store!” Riku smiled.

    “Holy crap! Sora got me two tickets to the next Zanarkand Abes game!” Tidus exclaimed.

    “Who are you gonna take?” Wakka asked hoping it was him.

    “Is it gonna be Yuna from school?” Selphie grinned.

    “Maybe…” Tidus blushed.

    “Wow! This box is huge, you shouldn’t have Wakka!” Olette smiled. As she opened he gift she frowned, “Seriously Wakka, you shouldn’t have,” she just continued to stare down at the Bliztball.

    “Hey Olette, there’s another gift for you. And it’s from Hayner!” Naminé informed as she handed the tiny orange box.

    “Really?” Olette stared at the blonde boy who just looked a way with a pink tint on his cheeks. She opened the small box with a huge smile plastered on her face. It was a silver ring with a sapphire like crystal, “Thank you Hayner!” she couldn’t help but just stare at the gift, she was so amazed.

    “You’re welcome…” Hayner blushed. Lucky for him no one noticed.

    “Ooh I got a gift from Riku!” Selphie grinned as she read the name on the box. It was a box of expensive chocolates, “Thanks a bunch Riku!” Selphie thought she was ready to drool just staring at it.

    “No problem. I knew you’d love it!” Riku joked.

    “My gift is from Sora,” Wakka unwrapped the gift and squealed like an anime schoolgirl, “It’s an autographed Bliztball from the Besaid Aurochs!”

    “Thanks for the memory card Selphie!” Pence smiled as he was already attaching it in his camera.

    “You too Olette, this watch is awesome!” Hayner exclaimed. “What did you guys get?” Hayner asked as he stared at Naminé and Roxas.

    “Oh my gift is from Naminé!” Roxas uncovered the huge box and gasped, “OH MY GOSH! Naminé are you effing serious?”

    Roxas just kept staring at the customized skateboard. It was mostly an azure blue on one half, and a light grey and yellow on the other. It had splashes of dark grey dots and lines in the background with three shurikiens (A/N: Think of his zipper on his shirt in the KH2) and some Japanese kanji all over. Best of all it had his name in black font with white and dark red bordering around it. Under his name it showed his full name, ‘Hikari Roxas.’ (A/N: If you want to see how it looks like you can find the link in my profile. I made it in Photoshop CS 8.0 for fun XD.)

    “Do you like it? I customized it especially for you. I mean…you did find my lucky charm for me and everything…” the blonde girl couldn’t help but blush.

    “Like it? This gift is too awesome to be true! I think I’m dreaming, thanks Naminé!” Roxas smiled.

    “You’re welcome. Oh…my gift is from you too!” Naminé ripped the yellow wrapping paper on the somewhat flat gift to find a white hard covered sketchbook with silver colored rings. Also along with the sketchbook was a brand new box of pencil crayons, “How did you afford this? This brand is like…whoa, and same with the sketchbook!”

    “I know…good thing it was on a Christmas sale!” Roxas laughed.

    Naminé flipped the book onto the first page and gasped once more with her hands hovering over her mouth.

    It was a silent picturesque scene that was beautifully drawn and colored. The sketch was a peaceful Twilight Town and it’s streets at night with just the street lamps lit up to provide light. It was a winter scene with light amount of snow falling light upon the town. Upon the dark blue midnight sky was just a single star shining above as the others were covered by the snow bearing clouds. In the lonely streets of the town were two people in the distance, walking together through the light blanket of snow. Naminé couldn’t really make out who they were though; boy or girl, she didn’t know.

    “I-it’s so b-beautiful!” Naminé compliment the art. The others who also saw the picture was awestruck.

    “Thanks,” Roxas blushed.

    “Now that we’ve opened the gifts, let’s party!” Tidus exclaimed. Everyone agreed, but Naminé was still on the couch looking at the sketchbook.

    “I can’t believe he did all this…” she thought. Naminé began flipping through the pages, as she reached the last page she notice a message written in black ink.

    Hello Naminé,

    I hope you like what I gave you! It took me a long to time to find it you know. Hehe…Anyways, I know we started on the wrong foot and everything, and it’s always one bad thing after another. I just hope we can stay friends and not enemies all the time so we can stop all the stupid arguments. You’re a really great person, and a totally awesome artist. Again, I hope you like my gift for you.


    Naminé couldn’t help but smile. She let out a small laugh as she noticed the scribbled out word ‘Love’ before the word sincerely, “Couldn’t he just use white out? Oh well, this makes him and his gift, cuter this way…wait did I just call Roxas CUTE? Eww…”

    Naminé shivered at the thought and soon joined her friends. She began getting lost with her recent memories with everyone in Twilight Town. The blonde started feeling slightly bored as she stayed within the room because the only thing everyone did was talk; then she noticed a certain blonde skater across the room all lonely and what not with the same bored look on his face as her.

    “Hey Roxas,” Naminé greeted as she sat down on the couch beside him.

    “Hi Naminé,” Roxas greeted back.

    “I read the message on the back of the sketchbook. It was really sweet!” Naminé giggled.

    “Message? Oh yeah…that one,” he blushed a little remembering his mistake but still smiled.



    “Wanna go outside for a walk? I mean staying inside for too long is kinda getting boring!” she laughed.

    Roxas noticed something about her laugh. Sure it sounded kind of cute to him, but something about it seemed familiar… “Sure.”

    The two got up and grabbed their coats and walked out the door.

    “Ooh! I wonder where they’re going!” Sora grinned.

    “Yeah…we should leave them two alone though,” Kairi smiled as she held Sora’s hand.

    “Wow! It’s so beautiful out here!” Naminé stated as she set foot on the snow covered ground.

    “Yeah, it is…” Roxas added as he looked up into the clear night sky (A/N: For this story forget the fact that it’s always dawn in this town).

    “Hey Roxas…” Naminé spoke softly.

    “Yes Naminé,” Roxas looked down at the smaller girl.

    “I know it’s kind of sudden asking, but why did you run off at Yuffie’s party last month?”

    “Oh that…” Roxas stared down at the ground with a saddened expression.

    “Umm…you don’t have to answer if you don’t want too… I was just curious.”

    “No, it’s okay. I’ll tell you,” Roxas assured.

    “Okay then,” Naminé began listening to the story intently.

    “See, it started when I was little, four I think. Anyways I had a childhood friend; then she told me one day that she was going to move away. I made a promise to a little girl that I’d meet her again, someday.”

    “P-promise?” Naminé thought.

    “So years later, at ninth grade; I met another girl, her name was Namie. That’s why I kinda got mad at the party…” Roxas laughed as he told.

    “And you fell in love with her?” Naminé didn’t know why, but she felt that same twinge of jealousy again.

    “I guess you could say that…Anyway, sooner or later she became my girlfriend, and I told her everything; even the silly promise…” he smiled, “but Namie started noticing that I began distancing from her after a while. She knew it was because of the promise in my memories. Then one day, she just couldn’t take it anymore. I never thought I’d see her cry so much…”

    “I’m sorry Roxas…” Naminé apologized.

    “No, its okay, you have to hear the rest though,” he assured, “so then, I guess you could say we broke up. Afterwards Seifer saw this as a chance to get her; I felt kind of jealous losing Namie to him, but if that’s what makes her happy. Soon Namie left the school though, I didn’t know what happen between her and Seifer, but I never saw her again after that day.”

    “Roxas…” Naminé frowned slightly.

    “It’s funny though, months later its sophomore year. And then you came along and made my life interesting.” He joked.

    “Hey!” Naminé began glaring at him, “Oh yeah, you know that girl in you have a picture of in your wallet, is that her?”

    “Yeah, the one with the green eyes and blonde hair,” Roxas smiled.

    “Hmm…oh it’s snowing!” Naminé looked up at the sky where the snow was falling ever so gently to the ground. She began twirling around like a little girl and laughed, “It’s like magic!”

    “Magic? Don’t tell me you believe in that kind of stuff?” Roxas smirked.

    “As a matter a fact I do. I think fate is a kind of magic,” she smiled back childishly.

    “Fate?” Roxas couldn’t help but arch an eyebrow.

    “Yeah, when two people meet, and they’re meant for each other, I think it’s fate!”

    “That sounds like a fairytale.”

    “So what if it does? At least I have an imagination!”

    “You’re weird,” Roxas laughed as he walked away.

    “Hey, wait up!” Naminé quickly caught up to the blonde boy, “Roxas…”


    “You said, you made a promise. To a girl when you were younger, right?” Naminé’s expression turned into a slightly more serious one.

    “Yeah, what about it,” Roxas suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at her.

    “Well…when I was younger, I also made a promise to a little boy who was also my childhood friend. I told him someday, we’ll meet again.”

    “Is that all you’re worried about?” Roxas grinned.


    “Well don’t worry, ‘cause I’m not that boy. I would have had a memory jog when I first saw you. So I can’t be!”

    “What? How would you kno-” Roxas quickly shushed her.

    “You told me before you moved to Destiny Islands, right? The girl I knew moved to Traverse Town, plus I don’t remember her name, and she was way sweeter!” Roxas laughed.

    “Are you saying that I’m high maintenance?”

    “Maybe,” Naminé just continued to glare, “but I bet you’re relieved I’m not him!” he laughed as he continued walking again.

    “What if I’m not…” she mumbled sadly under her breath.

    “C’mon Naminé, I can’t wait forever!” Roxas called out to her.

    “Because maybe my feelings changed…” she soon caught up with him and forced a smile on.

    The two soon walked by a frozen fountain and sat by it.

    “Hey Naminé?”

    “Yes Roxas?” Naminé giggled a little from the reoccurring name calls.

    “Naminé, why do you believe in magic?”

    “Because I felt like I went through a fairytale once,” Naminé blushed at the memory.

    “Really, when?” Roxas looked at the blonde girl.

    “You remember the Masquerade Dance right? That’s when!” she smiled.

    “Now, that I think about it, that night felt magical for me too…” Roxas sighed dreamily.

    “Really why?”

    “I met a girl there; she looked like a real princess…” Roxas sighed.

    “P-princess? Roxas, wait a minute. What did you dress up as?” Naminé began getting nervous.

    “A prince, why?” Roxas snapped out of his dreamy state.

    “I was a…and then you were…” Naminé couldn’t help but laugh, “No wonder I never saw you! You were him. You were my prince!” It was too much of a coincidence.

    “What, you were my princess? I almost kissed you!” Roxas exclaimed.

    “I know!” Naminé yelled in the same manner. The two began laughing it up. Usually they would be yelling at each other now, but they couldn’t help it.

    As they were laughing, their hands had fallen on top of each other. The two pulled their hands away and blushed.

    “Naminé, I still can’t believe she was you!” he smiled as he looked towards her.

    “Yeah, same here,” she smiled back.

    As Roxas stared at her, it reminded him of that same night. Her sapphire eyes, her soft blonde hair, it was all her, she was the princess he had been looking for. The blonde boy couldn’t control himself. He suddenly grabbed her and pulled her in for a soft kiss.

    Naminé’s eyes widened in shock; usually she would pull away and slap him, but she couldn’t help but give into the kiss. She slowly closed her eyes as she felt the warmth of his lips.

    Roxas suddenly pulled away blushing, shortening the passionate kiss, “I-I’m sorry Naminé, I shouldn’t have-”

    Naminé didn’t really care; she just pulled him in for another one and deepened it as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The two soon pulled away and stopped to catch their breath. Their foreheads leaned against each other. Roxas had his hands on her waist, and Naminé had her arms around his neck. The blushing blondes were staring into each others blue orbs and smiled.

    “What was that about?” Roxas asked.

    “Nothing much,” Naminé’s small smile grew wider, “Merry Christmas Roxas.”

    “Merry Christmas Naminé,” Roxas smiled back as he kissed her back once more.