• Naminé didn’t really care; she just pulled him in for another one and deepened it as she wrapped her arms around his neck. The two soon pulled away and stopped to catch their breath. Their foreheads leaned against each other. Roxas had his hands on her waist and Naminé had her arms around his neck. The blushing blondes were staring into each others blue orbs and smiled.

    “What was that about?” Roxas asked.

    “Nothing much,” Naminé’s small smile grew wider, “Merry Christmas Roxas.”

    “Merry Christmas Naminé,” Roxas smiled back as he kissed her back once more.

    Naminé had just packing all her belongings. Today was December 26 and they were all going back to Twilight High. She couldn’t help but keep on smiling after what happened between her and Roxas at Christmas. It was so…romantic.

    As she and Olette went inside the elevator, the brunette noticed the unusually happy blonde.

    “Hey Naminé, you look exactly like Selphie. What’s with the big smile and all?” Olette looked at the girl.

    “No reason!” Naminé answered a little too quickly.

    “That’s what they all say,” Olette grinned, “now that I think about it, you and Roxas came back pretty late last night after the party. Did anything happen?”

    “Nothing happened, we just talked!” Naminé blushed. She wanted to keep the moment with her and Roxas a secret for the time being, or else who knows what would happen!

    “Suure…” Olette grinned evilly.

    Olette began teasing Naminé about Roxas all the way to her car. The two soon met up with Kairi and Selphie though as they continued to put away all their belongings in the car's trunk.

    “Hey girls, hi Kairi! Can I ride with you guys?” Sora asked as he dragged his excess luggage.

    “Where’s Roxas?” Naminé asked expecting the blonde cousin to have come instead.

    “Oh, he told me to ride in Olette’s car because he had ridden here on the first day,” Sora sighed.

    “Oh okay then. And yes Sora, you can ride with all the way to the dorms,” Olette replied.

    Naminé got to sit by the window this time around because Sora was so eager to have the middle seat seeing that it was easier access to talk to his girlfriend Kairi that way. The blonde girl just sighed as she stared out into the distance where buildings passed by as the car continued down the road. She was hoping the blonde skater could’ve had a ride with them instead, but Kairi sure wasn’t complaining seeing that her boyfriend had replaced him.

    As they finally reached the dormitory after what seemed like forever, Naminé smiled, “Maybe I can talk to Roxas in the dorm room!”

    Naminé soon reached the room with her heavy bags; she notice Roxas had just finished unpacking and putting away his belongings.

    “Hey Roxas, I was wondering if we could-” Naminé was suddenly interrupted by the boy.

    “I’m sorry Naminé, maybe we talk later? I told Hayner and the guys I’d meet them somewhere, sorry,” Roxas said as he walked out the door.

    “Okay…” Naminé sighed sadly as she sat down on her bed.

    This continued for a few weeks, Naminé hardly ever talked to Roxas. Even though they shared the same room Roxas always found a way to get out of a conversation. Soon it was school again and Roxasstill seemed to find excuses not to talk to Naminé.

    Naminé was in her science class drawing. She never did like paying attention to her boring teacher so she was drawing in the sketchbook that Roxas had given her for a gift, “Why does he keep on avoiding me?” she looked down at her page and noticed she was actually sketching Roxas. Naminé just sighed again.

    “DING! DING! DING!” The school bell soon rang signaling the students it was lunch time.

    Naminé just walked to her locker to put away her books and noticed Roxas had just walked away towards the cafeteria. She wanted to talk to him, but she had to put her books away first. As she reached her locker she accidentally bumped into someone.

    “I’m sorry, let me help you,” the boy apologized as he picked up some of her papers.

    “It’s okay, I was kind of sidetracked…” Naminé looked up at the boy, “Seifer?”

    “Wow, it took you that long to notice it was me?” he smirked.

    “Hehe…sorry, I was just thinking…” Naminé frowned slightly as she picked up her textbooks.


    “Huh? How did you-”

    “A picture says more than a thousand words, and your sketchbook was opened when I picked it up,” Seifer smiled as he handed the last of her items.

    “Oh,” Naminé blushed in embarrassment as she took the sketchbook, “thanks for helping me,” the two stood up from the ground.

    “No problem. Just what happened between you two anyway? Usually I see you guys arguing or something.”

    “Long story, but mainly he’s been avoiding me a lot lately,” she sighed as she put her books away in her small locker.

    “Naminé if a guy does that to you, you shouldn’t even be wasting your time on him,” Seifer told her.

    “Thanks again for your concern Seifer, but I think I’ll just have to knock some sense to him. Bye!” Naminé waved goodbye as she ran off into the cafeteria.

    As she disappeared, Seifer’s smile turned into a growl. “It’s always him…” he turned around and walked away into a different direction.

    In the cafeteria Naminé and the gang shared a table together like always. Roxas of course made sure he was sitting at the opposite end from Naminé.

    “Hey guys, we should meet by the mall on Friday,” Roxas told the boys.

    “Yeah, sure,” Hayner agreed for all of them.

    “Umm…Roxas can we talk?” Naminé asked.

    “Uhh… I have to get dessert, maybe later?” Roxas told her as he was about to walk off.

    Naminé suddenly shot up from her seat causing everyone in her table to stare in shock.

    “Roxas!” she yelled. Roxas turned around to look at her, “Roxas, how could you? You keep saying later, later, but it never comes! You’ve been avoiding me these past few weeks! Didn’t that kiss at Christmas mean anything to you! You’re such a jerk!” Naminé went up to him and slapped him across the face which left a red hand print before storming out of the cafeteria.

    Everyone in the whole student body was there and heard all the yelling as just stared at Roxas.

    “Roxas, what did you do?” Hayner yelled breaking the silence.

    Everyone began whispering and creating unbelievable rumors to spread across the school. Roxas was popular, so what could he do about it if a girl slapped him in front of everyone.

    “Roxas, what happened to you two at Christmas exactly?” Kairi asked.

    “I can’t believe you kissed Naminé! Didn’t you learn anything at the pool incident?” Selphie exclaimed.

    “You don’t know what you’re talking about, you weren’t even there! Naminé kissed me back!” Roxas snapped.

    “She KISSED you!” They all yelled in unison.

    “Dammit!” Roxas cursed under his breath.

    “So you two are together now?” Riku asked as everyone looked at the boy with curiosity.

    “I don’t know okay! That kiss was in the moment!” Roxas yelled back.

    “Well Naminé is inexperienced; she must have taken that kiss seriously! You have to go after her!” Olette exclaimed.

    “I do?”

    “YES!” they all yelled at the idiotic blonde at the same time.

    Roxas nodded before running out of the cafeteria to find that certain blonde girl.

    “What an idiot!” Hayner exclaimed.

    “I hope they’ll be okay,” Kairi sighed.

    “Why is he always like that?” Naminé sighed. She was sitting on a bench under a tree outside near the school gates. Spring was always early for Twilight Town so the snow was almost gone.

    Naminé began hearing footsteps coming closer to her and looked towards that direction. When she saw who it was she just glared.

    “N-Naminé,” Roxas panted as he gasped for air, “I…finally found you,” the blonde boy finally stood up straight.

    Naminé continued glaring at him before she started walking away.

    “Naminé, wait!” Roxas reached out for her.

    “So now you tell me to wait? I’m sorry Roxas, but you just lost your chance!” she exclaimed looked at the boy with anger in her eyes.

    “Naminé, please listen!” he begged.

    “Listen? You are telling me to listen? Roxas, these past few weeks I’ve been trying to get you to listen! You were the first one to ever give me a real kiss, and then you pull this? What the hell is wrong with you!”

    “I don’t know okay? I have problems with girls alright!”

    “So you’re saying I’m a problem now?” Naminé huffed as she crossed her arms.

    “No! I-it’s just that kiss… I was confused, okay. I didn’t know if you wanted to take our friendship to the next level or not!”

    Naminé just stood there. What Roxas said, did she really want more than just friendship? Did she really want Roxas to be her first boyfriend? She was so confused now.

    “N-Naminé, to tell you the truth, I-I…” Roxas started stuttering and his face was so red.

    “Yes?” Naminé looked at the boy.

    “I…I like you! Okay? I like you Naminé Misaki! I liked you since day one! I admit it!” Roxas exclaimed as he took in a deep breath.

    “R-Roxas…” Naminé began blushing madly. What could she say to him? Did she really like him? Yes or no?

    “Naminé, I like you okay? I just have a bad way of showing my feelings because, I don’t really know how to express them,” he smiled at the girl.

    “Roxas, I…I don’t know…” Naminé averted his gaze by looking away.

    “You don’t know what?” he asked as he took a step closer towards her.

    “I don’t know if I feel the same way… I’m sorry…”

    “I understand. In other words you just don’t see me that way,” he smiled sadly.

    “N-no! That’s not it; I’m just confused, this is all coming too quickly… Can we-” Naminé paused, “can we just be friends?”

    “Oh…okay. If it makes you happier that way,” Roxas put a faint smile on. After all of this, he just couldn’t see her as just a ‘friend’ anymore.

    Naminé went up to the blonde skater and hugged him. “I’m sorry…” Naminé apologized.

    “No, its okay,” he smiled as he released her from the brief hug. “Now let’s go before we’re late for class!”

    “Okay,” Naminé smiled faintly as the two walked back inside together